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i will never travel amtrak again a refund nicer the layovers where long 3 hours then additonal 4 hours the train staff did not show any concern i trapped already paid for tickets from train number 79c wilson to raleigh nc the from trian number 91 raleigh nc to jax florida if the tain station was more comfortable and not concrete and wood hard benches may have been a little better this was on oct 22nd a true nightmare if amtrack would like to contact me so my word of mouth does not hurt mor business email

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Worst trip of my life!Never been on Amtrack before and I will never do this again.I will yell it from the mountain top and tell everyone I know.Do not ride Amtrack :sigh


Yeah, because we all know how efficient and well run a private transportation corporation like Greyhound is. :roll


lol that still won't make a differance


Amtrak is a government-subsidized entity and thus inefficient and with little customer service. Wait till ObamaCare kicks in.

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