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The guy who drives the amtrak must be fired! I have lived down by the beach in Carlsbad for two year now, and before that down by the beach in Oceanside.

His horn blowing is obnoxious and unnecessary! In an economy like I can't believe he still has a job. I woke up this morning @ 6am to this nonsense. It must stop.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I don't pay this much to live by the beach to be disturbed at all hours of the night and morning. Something must be done. I am going to try to contact Amtrak about it, but I have a feeling that they won't care and that I won't be the first person to have a complaint.

I am going to post this website on facebook. Mark my words this will be put to an end soon.

Location: Carlsbad, California

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Yeah they are *** and do this on Oakland where we live as well. I think the conductor's ex-wife must be shacking up with her new boyfriend in our area hence the obnoxious overly excessive horn blaring where we are.


I fully understand why the train driver must blow the horn two, maybe three times for about 4 or 5 seconds each time when approaching a crossing, obviously for safety precautions. BUT I do NOT understand them having to blow it 10 and 20 (literally that many times, I've counted!) times with barely a pause between times, and its literally taken up to ten minutes (I've counted that too) for it to stop and them finally moving on!

There is only one crossing in the area and it is ccompletely unnecessary for them to keep doing it like that!

And at 1 and 2am too! These train drivers are obviously complete and total ***!!


If you're going to cite the law then you should research it first. There's a pattern they are supposed to use - leaning on the horn at 2:00am for 10 seconds is not the law


Hello, did you ever get an answer to this? I just moved near the tracks just north of Poinsettia and many nights some clown will lean on the horn for up to 10 seconds - last night he did it at 1:50am.


We must band together to stop this. I live in terramar and the horn is nonsense.


They say the engineer needs to sound his horn because pediatrians present or because previous ppl where killed by the train. Can u imagine cars laying on the horn cause pedestrians are present or just because some was killed. Lol


This is horrible. All night!

I felt like the train was quite till it got right to my house and he laid on the horn. And with all his weight.

We're 3 blocks from the beach and one block from the train track. Last time I rent a vacation rental here


You are so right on it has gotten worse within the last few months.


The trains are the worst downtown, but the people were able to set up quiet zones & times. I had a condo down there and also have lived in Carlsbad for 15 years.

And the trains did not honk in my area of Carlsbad beacause there are no crossings, just overpasses. But they seem to have started honking all of the time after a person and a dog were hit at different times. The last couple of nights there was a crew parked on the field across from my house. They had a couple of trucks, a huge flood light, a sledge hammer & similar tools and a super loud C.B.

radio. They would bang on the tracks intermittently & talk on the radio at 1am. Then a couple trains came by, the last one at about 1:30am blowing on the horn. I guess because the crew which worked for the railways was close to the tracks.

I think someone needs to revamp the railroad rule book to work better with the general public and the noise pollution.

Because really the trains are not very conducive to traveling but are good at being noisy when they should not be.


Let me just say, that the horn blowing is a safety meassure, and it happens everywhere. If you don't like it, move.

The train was there before you moved. Half the time the trains are there before the towns are even built. You wouldn't want a train to drive by without the horn if for some reason you didn't see it coming and it hit you, now would you? What about blind people?

What good would a sign do if they can't see it? Or maybe a blind child. Or an animal.

Or some *** kids playing in the tracks. Deal with it ***.


assuming a blind person didn't hear the train coming down the track or feel the vibrations then I assume they would just walk into the gate that goes over the sidewalk and figure it out.

As for kids or pets with the ability to see, if you get hit by a slow moving brightly colored train I would call that natural selection.

There are gates, the trains have lights and are massive moving steel boxes (easy enough to see coming). All of which equate to enough of a safety measure, we do not need the horn between 10 pm and 6 am.


OMG you live next to the track quit crying buy earplugs or move


give me money n ill move


i actually enjoy it. I own a pair of train horns and honk them every morning befor i go to work so it might be me..

but yeah i have heard the amtrak guy.

he does honk it for a long time. so yeah i enjoy it:)


well first of all to the railroad employee, a lot of us have lived in carlsbad or encinitas, wherever for a very long time and when we BOUGHT our homes the trains did not BLAST THEIR HORNS every FIVE MINUTES so we are supposed to move for the occasional person who decides to jump in front of the train? because from what i read generally it's suicide not susi getting picked up from piano lessons


AGREED! how many lives are affected by this RIDICULOUS horn blowing at ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT! Perhaps to save a *** or two per year???

Has there been ANY research to substantiate claims that the horn blowing does indeed save ANY LIVES??? It certainly AFFECTS a ton of lives, not just those living with a block or two, I just moved to a house 10 blocks away and CAN'T SLEEP!!!

Just the way America is going, 1,000s of taxpayers affected to pretend to save one life (more likely to avoid 1 lawsuit) that probably don't pay any taxes!!!


Hee hee. Old thread.

Totally hilarious post. It's done because it's the law. Now I've heard deviations from long long short long, but those are the exceptions. Note that engineers are also required to blast the horn if pedestrians are too close to the track, whether on the station platform or elsewhere.

Since you paid a bunch of money to live by the beach, I'm sure you won't mind spending a bit more to pay to have all the streets that cross the railroad tracks to close.

You can always build an overpass or an underpass. Of course there's not much room, but hey - it'll sure cut down on the noise.


I was correct in my philosophy. If you are a total *** and play on the train tracks.

If you are a total *** and go around a closed train gate with lots of red flashing lights. If you are a total *** and get hit by a train. Well, then the world is a better place without you passing along your genome.

My only hope is that you met the train before you lost your virginity. The strong will prevail...


First thing you all need to know is this...I hate most things about railroading that seem absurb, our rule books are very thick, and getting thicker by the day, But each rule is written because of some incident that has occured in the past that no one wants to repeat. that being said, so, the previous posters are correct.

The horns, whistles, lights, and bells are all there for a reason, and as dictated by law. Most folks have commons sense that allows then to realize that they need to use care around railroads, but there are also those that can't tie their own shoes everyday, let alone stay safe around the rails. These precautions are for these very persons. The ones that will got around dropped gates because they are late picking little Susie up from her piano lesson.The same ones that will sue us if they are in anyway harmed or percieved to have been harmed by their own negligence or poor choices.

Simply put, I am sorry that this is all disturbing to you, I am.

But one needs to make a common sense descision as where to live if this is an issue to you. good luck.


As Stated Above, Engineers Are Required By Law To Blow There Horn! Its Not Just Something They Thought Up, To *** Everyone Off!

You Can Try And Get The Railroad To Make Carlsbad A Quiet Zone, But I Doubt It Will Happen! I've Been To Carlsbad, And I See Why They Blow So Much! I Mean Hello Is In A Very Very Close To Where Civilians Walk!!!!

I Mean Do You Want Pedestrians, Or Civilians In Cars To Get Killed, Just Because The Train Didn't Blow, For Fear It Might Wake Your *** Up?!?! If You Don't Like The Noise The Move!!!!

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