Minden, Louisiana
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I remember when hurricane Katrina hiit, they said that alot of Amtrak railrway was damaged in Mississippi and Amtrak announced that were no longer going to be running the "Sunset Limited" train form New Orleans to Orlando no mo. I think that it is a shame and a national disgrace that Amtrak doesn't repair those rails so that folks can ride from Los Angeles all the Way to Orlando like they used to be able to do before Katrina.

I think that President Trump should give funding to Amtrak to restore this wonderful train route. I never have ridden it myself, my I have read stories about it and it sounded pretty cool and neat.

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Well, you can always go Greyhound. They serve that route.

Or you could get a train from New Orleans to Atlanta, stay overnight at a hotel at your expense, and then catch another train from Atlanta to wherever you want to go to in Florida. Or you could go down to your nearest Flying J Truck stop and go talk to the truck drivers and maybe you could find one of them willing to give you a ride down there for free.

But first you need to make sure that they aren't going to get mad if you don't want to accommodating to their needs. You don't wanna get picked up by a truck driver thinking that you have a ride to Florida, only to get put off on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere when he finds out that you don't want to do anything with him, like has happened to me more times than I can remember.


I think that not only should they restore service to orlando, but they should make it even better by extending the sunset limited all the way to Miami.