12/11/17 - I went in to make reservations for a round trip from Washington DC to NYC, and back. I messed with it for 20 minutes and couldn't get a return ticket.

It used to be easy. No wonder these *** are losing money. I'll fly or drive. *** them.

Why do I need 100 words?

I've said everything I need to say. Blah blah blah {{Redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Website.

Reason of review: See what I wrote.

Amtrak Cons: Website.

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I tried booking a trip today, and the website would not allow me to proceed to buy the ticket once it is in my cart. I verified this behavior on two different browsers.

I called customer service, and the agent wanted to pass me off to tech support. Neither is willing to actually book the ticket for me. 30 minutes of my time wasted!

What kind of bozos are running this company?! I'm taking the bus...


tried everything known to mankind to book to no avail. Site sucks.


I agree totally. I went to their website to get some basic fare info and was completely frustrated and confused. It seems they are trying to hide info and that means they have nothing that they are proud to offer.


totally agree : how can it be so horrible? the chat window works but one shouldn't have to contend with different schedules and pricing asking questions with a machine...very disconcerting plenty of templates available from other travel companies that work wonderfully ...this Amtrak thing is a prescription for Advil


It’s mind boggling how in this time Amtrak’s website is so innefficient, like it was haphazardly set up by an inexperienced amateur. It does not offer an alternate time, route, options in the event your search yields no train routes. It is terrible and functions very poorly.


My head is spinning! I was thinking that my phone was acting up but nooo. Talk about frustrating!


The new Amtrak site is horrible. one cant get any info or do any booking. I feel that it is deliberate and intentional.


Absolutely agree, THE WORST website. Makes booking very difficult and time-consuming...Sort it out Amtrak


Website developed by grade school students. Worst experience on the web.

Definitely won't be taking an Amtrak trip any time soon. Nothing makes sense.

Dead ends. Etc.


Horrible website. Has actually regressed since 2017.

If they can't run it,why not get out of the way & let the private sector bid to take it over.

They get none of my money until they wake up! Enterprise rental a car is cheaper and easier.




What would TJ do?


TJ would say that navigating the Amtrak site is very simple and easy. He would also call out people as being wusses who were too scared to wait for trains at unmanned stations along deserted stretches of railroad tracks in the run down predominately African American part of town that has a very high crime rate.


OMG... Amtrak webpage so not user friendly.

I gave up shopping for tix on my phone.

Frustrated by trying navigate it and hitting dead ends. Feels obsolete, like from the last century?


Amtrak has a "contact us" email option on their website but no one ever replies to the emails. I have sent 5 about a refund.

No answer.

I live in China so it's hard to call. I guess these thieves just get to silently keep my money.


AMTRAK'S WEBSITE SUX BALLZ 1) I had to try 3 times to register for an account 2) I applied and was approved for their promo credit card that included a $100 credit towards the current purchase, but then their websited F'ed up in applying the credit. 3) THEN their checkout system couldn't even charge my credit card.

LOL. Who the heck designed their website?

The frontend *and* the backend SUCKS. Bunch of third-tier loser software devs.


The website was down for nearly a day—it is slow and doesn’t respond. I finally succeeded in booking a one way ticket but it was a frustrating experience. They should look at the LIRR website which is very efficient.


Same issue here, same itinerary. So freakin' stupid that Amtrak can't get a website to SELL THEIR PRODUCT to work.


The problems are a lot worse than just their website. I’ve had two and three hour delays on easily half of the twenty times I’ve taken it these few months.

Or a bus will show up in place of the train , full of angry people who have long since stopped being in the frame of mind to share their seat. That’s an awesome experience. This one trip alone , which is normally two and a half hours and two stops for me, is already at three and a half hours, and we haven’t even hit the first stop.

Well, we have stopped twice , unfortunately none of them was a scheduled stop. This is what happens to customer service and quality once you get classified as public transportation and are able to get 2/3 of your money from the taxpayer ...whether you rode the train or not , you are paying for this fiasco


YES! They need a wholly new platform.

The website is so user unfriendly. The company must realize they lose soooooo much money because ultimately you waste so much time figuring it out, you might has well have picked up an extra shift at work and just flown.

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