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12/11/17 - I went in to make reservations for a round trip from Washington DC to NYC, and back. I messed with it for 20 minutes and couldn't get a return ticket.

It used to be easy. No wonder these *** are losing money. I'll fly or drive. *** them.

Why do I need 100 words?

I've said everything I need to say. Blah blah blah {{Redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Website.

Reason of review: See what I wrote.

I didn't like: Website.

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Amtrak online booking is impossible. Someone needs to clean up their software and build a site that actually works. I dpent the last hour trying to make a reservation anywhere.

to Frank Meachet #1629796

Worse than useless designed by idiots


Same issues, travelling by train in Canada is so easy, always on time and easy to book on line. Like other users (or attempted users here) unable to book return trip on a round trip fair. Get with the times Amtrak!


It's like going onto a government agency website.


Having the same issues. What a bunch of idiots.


We too, used to have no trouble figuring out our trips. For example, we used to be able to put in our starting point (Ann Arbor, MI) and our final destination (Miami, FL).

The site would show all runs, all prices and all times. Now, you have to put in each and every leg (whether you know what it is or not), and patch it together.

This is NOT user friendly. Please fix it, or we won't be riding ever again.


Really, I just tried to make the same round trip on their website and had NO PROBLEM. All I did was click the far left box where it says "ONE WAY" and a "ROUND TRIP" box appears. Pretty simple.

to TJ #1443934

TJ, good for you! I love Amtrak, am a competent user of transportation websites (nd the internet, and a variety of software in general) and I was pulling my hair pulling trying to make a reservation on the website.

Nothing seemed intuitive. Things were not labeled or titled clearly, but my favorite was when, upon clicking the calendar icon it opened so far up on the page, that it was covered by the url box. No, pc not have a problem.

Eventually i scrolled down and green the pop up calendar appeared below the icon instead of above. Just one example of poor design on their website.

to ILoveAmtrakButTheySuck #1573339

The website needs so much work. Auto train tix don't work via mobile.

And I went through all the hassle of checking best prices, but it won't let me make a reservation now unless my husband signs up for rewards. Ugh.

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