12/11/17 - I went in to make reservations for a round trip from Washington DC to NYC, and back. I messed with it for 20 minutes and couldn't get a return ticket.

It used to be easy. No wonder these *** are losing money. I'll fly or drive. *** them.

Why do I need 100 words?

I've said everything I need to say. Blah blah blah {{Redacted}}

Reason of review: See what I wrote.

Amtrak Cons: Website.

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it's 2022 and it's still horrible! It is just sitting there waiting, i guess, for me to enter a return date, even though I selected the "One Way" option from their choice area. It is literally doing nothing to help me see if there are any train trip options going from one place to another


It is not hyperbolic to say that Amtrak has the crappiest website in the entire travel industry. I am a world traveler, and my IQ is at least a couple points above average, yet I cannot figure out how to purchase a friggin' train ticket!

I can see the route I want, and I can click "add to cart," but nothing happens. Also, the Amtrak site blabs on and on about the various offerings on various trains, but they cannot tell me what MY train actually offers. Some business class cars have 1x2 seating, and others have 2x2 seating, but I cannot tell which seats my train has. If it has 2x2 seating, then I am getting the same space as a coach seat, so why does it cost 50% more?

(Must be all that free water and soft drinks.) That is like an airline saying they will sell you a first class ticket, but you might actually be seated in economy. To add insult to injury, it is extremely expensive to travel on Amtrak. I want to travel from Denver to Ann Arbor. In a sleeper car, which is a requirement on a 26-hour trip, the cost is $1,400.

For that much, I could fly first class (with certainty), be there in 3 hours, and have enough money left over for 4-5 nights at a very nice hotel, or maybe 20 sushi dinners. Over the years, I have considered the Amtrak option several times, but it always ends in frustration and a flight instead.


The Website is a classic "designed-by-idiots" site. All sorts of "pretty" boxes and colors, but its functionality is a "train-wreck." Item: No MAPs come up.

Just blanks. And NO WAY to search for a particular route's AVAILABILITY for different kinds of sleeper compartments.

You have to look at each train one by one to see what's available. A FARCE.


Completely agree. Spending $4,000 on a graduation train trip for my disabled son, and it won’t let me apply a disabled discount.

Been on hold for 40 mins so far waiting for a customer service rep to answer.

Wish he enjoyed flying instead of trains. Might see the country in our car this June instead of from the Amtrak trains.


Their website apparently has been designed by the aviation industry and operates only to frustrate people and force them to go by air instead of rail.


I agree. Just tried to verify the time of arrival on a train from Portland OR to Turlock CA and website says there is no such train.

My party if currently on the train. Website sucks.


Just trying to book a ticket or get fares and schedules is a nightmare. They seem to only want to show you ads and different services they offer.

You can't just go on and look at fares and schedules. To top it off the site wouldn't except my user name and password. Poor service and totally over priced fares.

In an age when train travel should be accessible and easy for everyone they make it difficult. Pathetic!


the website is horrible. can't book.


Amtrak's website is complete garbage. We taxpayers are paying through the nose for this and many, many other pieces of government crap.

We need to drastically downsize government across the board. The only legitimate purpose is to provide for the common defense.


their website sucks!!!!!!!


Amtrak website is a complete joke. Spent 20 minutes trying to find fares.

I can find a fare for an airline on any airline website in 60 seconds. FARCICAL.


Needed to travel from Bay Area to Eugene, OR. After a minor operation, I didn't want to drive and thought it might be fun to book a RT on the Coast Starlight.

I realize it's popular and would not normally be surprised to find it possibly booked up - BUT - it asks for your destination and dates of travel before even asking how many you are booking for or whether you want a coach, business, roomette, etc. - it just returns a message saying that "At least one portion of your trip is sold out. Please try a different date and time." It doesn't say WHICH portion--going or returning--so you have to keep putting in alternate dates only to get the same result. Why can't they do what the airlines do and just show you an availability calendar so you can choose a date that still has space and book it?

I even tried booking on the "roomette" site and got a never-ending "searching" circle. Love trains, but AMTRAK's apparently antiquated and lack of attention to its booking site speaks poorly for its efficiency.

@Tyheim Nwt

That was exactly my frustration - they probably spent a good portion of their government subsidy hiring the nincompoop techie who thought that would be an effective way to handle reservation attempts. Fully agree - they should just have a calendar with available dates/services.


I tried booking a trip today, and the website would not allow me to proceed to buy the ticket once it is in my cart. I verified this behavior on two different browsers.

I called customer service, and the agent wanted to pass me off to tech support. Neither is willing to actually book the ticket for me. 30 minutes of my time wasted!

What kind of bozos are running this company?! I'm taking the bus...


tried everything known to mankind to book to no avail. Site sucks.


I agree totally. I went to their website to get some basic fare info and was completely frustrated and confused. It seems they are trying to hide info and that means they have nothing that they are proud to offer.


totally agree : how can it be so horrible? the chat window works but one shouldn't have to contend with different schedules and pricing asking questions with a machine...very disconcerting plenty of templates available from other travel companies that work wonderfully ...this Amtrak thing is a prescription for Advil


It’s mind boggling how in this time Amtrak’s website is so innefficient, like it was haphazardly set up by an inexperienced amateur. It does not offer an alternate time, route, options in the event your search yields no train routes. It is terrible and functions very poorly.


My head is spinning! I was thinking that my phone was acting up but nooo. Talk about frustrating!


The new Amtrak site is horrible. one cant get any info or do any booking. I feel that it is deliberate and intentional.

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