I had been sitting in lower level for over and hour when Wayne came up to me and asked me to move to the upper deck because lower was reserved for handicap (there was no one in need of the seat I was sitting in and there was several other seats available). I had no problem moving just asked him if he would help me with my 60lb back up the stairs.

He stated "you are responsible for your own luggage I will not carry that up there for you". I told him I would do it myself. Another passenger watched me struggle with my luggage and got out of his seat to help me carry it. He was just as disgusted as I was!!

Who ever is his boss needs to check his attitude!

Once again when he asked me to move I gave no problem. I didn't deserve that treatment!!!

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First off there is a 50lbs weight limit for luggage, the section you are referring to is the lower levell, that area is reserved for passengers with lower level tickets, rather seats were open at that time or not more passenger will board while enroute to the trains final destination, there is storage space available for luggage to to stored, its apparent you were upset the attendant had you move.


You can file a complaint with Amtrak. Of course, Amtrak is really a sub of the government and your complaint will go right into the waste basket. Government employees are not there to help you.

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