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Amtrak Train Service Review from Everett, Washington

Took cascades train 505 from Vancouver, WA to Seattle for the day. It's the middle of *** July and there is NO air ventilation whatsoever; no AC, stifling, stale, stinking air. You can't open any windows so you just sit and cook. Inexplicably *** to not provide any ventilation. Are you THAT cheap? The whole place smells like a foot. Train was late and painfully slow. A 2.5 hour trip one way took 4.5 hours. *** Amtrak
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Property Damage Repair Review

First time on amtrak. At first pleasantly surprised, big seats, friendly staff. Then 3 hours into 23 hour trip, stafe compleatly change, rude, slow, waiting 15 mins for lady to bring check for lunch, even when not busy.toilets very dirty, not sure, if ever get clean. No customer service skills at all.very disappointed.
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Amtrak Empire Builder 7.5 hours late and cost me $$$$$

I needed to take the train from Leavenworth to Seattle and since the train was scheduled to depart at 6:08 in the morning and I live 90 minutes away, I booked a room in town and hired a shuttle service. ( we have one car, husband needed car to work) . The train is 7.5 hours late! According to the shuttle service this is not uncommon. I am trying to get to my son's wedding! This is inexcusable, but apparently common practice for Amtrak. I agree with Pissed Off and Amtrak is Scamtrak. The last time I tried to take Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver BC the train was canceled, from Seattle to Portland , train was LATE, and I am wondering why Amtrak has not improved their service. Does Amtrak even care? If Amtrak is this irresponsible, is Amtrak even safe?
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You realize it can happen with airlines to. Grow up and stop complaining amtrak is usually great


You're lucky. You were only delayed 7.5 hrs.

I booked a trip from Albany NY to Houston TX and ended up being delayed for 24 hrs, meaning that in order to keep an appointment in Houston we had to fly the last leg from St. Louis to Houston costing us $700.00.

I asked one of the attendants on the train if we were going to miss our connection and he said "Probably" and walked away.

This company is a joke!


Amtrak is at the mercy of the freight railroads who own the track that amtrak run the trains on. The freight railroads dont follow federal laws requiring amtrak to be run ontime by constantly putting their fright trains out in front of amtrak.

the fregiht trains run 30=40mph slower than amtrak and make numerous stops which slow down Amtrak trains to the point they are hours late.

What the freight railroads do is against the law but they dont care and would rather pay a small fine from the government than to get in trouble with the companies who use freight trains to haul goods. UPS pays hundreds of millions a year to haul their stuff on train, so do you think the freight companies care about a little $500,000 or less fine?


You fail to realize that Amtrak does not own the track between Chicago and Seattle. There are many private railroads who don't care about you or the timeliness of the train. Out of Amtraks hands.

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Amtrak in Seattle, Washington - Valid ticket not accepted

Amtrak has told me that I can apply an unused ticket to future travel, except that is it so incredibly difficult that it appears in cannot be accomplished. They just take your money and will not refund a refundable ticket. I have been on hold at the reservation department again, now for more that 35 minutes. There is no way to purchase a ticket online and to enter the ticker number to apply to the purchase of a new ticket and reservation. It addition, the level of rudeness and ineptitude demonstrated by the staff is outrageous. Why should my tax dollars support this kind of abuse?
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Amtrak, how was this fiasco OUR fault??

My husband and I purchased e-tickets online for a trip from Everett, WA to Vancouver, BC Aug 25-Aug. 26. I asked the man at the booth before we left the station if the printout we had was all we needed to board. He took the printout and both of our passports, did a quick look at them and said we were good to go. We boarded the train and the conductor said to take our choice of seats in either car 3 or 4. We sat down and shortly after we left the station he came through and said to get out your tickets. We took out our tickets and our passports and continued minding our own business while waiting for him to come look at ours. He passed right over us to the people behind us and never stopped and asked to see anything, even though I was clutching the e-ticket in my hand and waiting for him to stop. We didn't say anything as he saw us board the train and he didn't appear to be concerned with looking at it so we didn't think anything more of the situation. Just chalked it up to "I guess he saw us get on and doesn't need anything more". The following day when we were at the Vancouver station getting our tickets scanned before boarding the train, that very same conductor couldn't get ours to scan correctly. I told him that we never got it scanned the previous day and he was the one that actually passed us over. He then said that that was the reason that it wasn't working now because if you miss a leg it automatically drops your reservation. He then went on to say that we should have let him know that he missed us and that we basically bummed a ride for free and that we needed to go to the ticket counter to get everything sorted out with only 20 minutes until the train was to leave. We did NOT appreciate being told that this fiasco was our fault! WE should not have to alert HIM on how to do his job correctly! And his comment about saying that we bummed a ride for free was not appreciated either! It was never our intention to "*** a ride". It was his fault for missing us that caused this whole fiasco yet he didn't take a bit of blame for it and instead lectured us on how WE screwed up!!! It is not up to the passengers, who are there to enjoy themselves, to worry if the conductor is doing his job correctly or question him on it. For all we knew, as I said earlier, he skipped us because he saw us get on the train. How were we to know this was going to cancel our reservation?? We were never alerted to that as they were going through the cabin! And as I said before, the man at the ticket window looked at our passports and e-ticket before we boarded so we didn't think being overlooked when we got on the trail was a big deal.
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Amtrak in Bellevue, Washington - Railroad: as I have read and heard about the amtrac conductor who enjoys honking long and loud

I have heard and also experienced an Amtrak employee who gets great joy here himself hoking the horn of his engine especially in the wee hours of the morning. He seems to be known all down the line. He must have some problem that the railroad refuses to examine. I have to wonder about his motives considering he doesn't just do his honking in the intersections as you would think! I think everyone who is pissed should have his address and we will take turns honking during his sleep hours. All in favor say yeah!Amtrak please listen a!!!!!!!!
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