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Amtrak Train Service Review from Everett, Washington

Took cascades train 505 from Vancouver, WA to Seattle for the day. It's the middle of *** July and there is NO air ventilation whatsoever; no AC, stifling, stale, stinking air. You can't open any windows so you just sit and cook. Inexplicably *** to not provide any ventilation. Are you THAT cheap? The whole place smells like a foot. Train was late and painfully slow. A 2.5 hour trip one way took 4.5 hours. *** Amtrak
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Property Damage Repair Review

First time on amtrak. At first pleasantly surprised, big seats, friendly staff. Then 3 hours into 23 hour trip, stafe compleatly change, rude, slow, waiting 15 mins for lady to bring check for lunch, even when not busy.toilets very dirty, not sure, if ever get clean. No customer service skills at all.very disappointed.
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I needed to take the train from Leavenworth to Seattle and since the train was scheduled to depart at 6:08 in the morning and I live 90 minutes away, I booked a room in town and hired a shuttle service. ( we have one car, husband needed car to work) . The train is...
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You realize it can happen with airlines to. Grow up and stop complaining amtrak is usually great

Cats eyes

You're lucky. You were only delayed 7.5 hrs. I booked a trip from Albany NY to Houston TX and ended up being delayed for 24 hrs, meaning that in order to keep an appointment i...

Leavenworth, Washington
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Amtrak has told me that I can apply an unused ticket to future travel, except that is it so incredibly difficult that it appears in cannot be accomplished. They just take your money and will not refund a refundable ticket. I have been on hold at the reservation...
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My husband and I purchased e-tickets online for a trip from Everett, WA to Vancouver, BC Aug 25-Aug. 26. I asked the man at the booth before we left the station if the printout we had was all we needed to board. He took the printout and both of our passports, did a...
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I have heard and also experienced an Amtrak employee who gets great joy here himself hoking the horn of his engine especially in the wee hours of the morning. He seems to be known all down the line. He must have some problem that the railroad refuses to examine. I have...
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