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Today I rode the Amtrak from New York to Montpelier, Vermont. After arriving at my destination I was exiting the train and slipped and fell on the wet metal part of the floor that is exposed to the outside (I didn't know it was wet or exposed to the rain outside until...
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Next time you are on the platform, be sure to hold tight to your mommy or daddy's hand. I am assuming you are a child. Grown ups know that it isn't a train conductor's fault when you accidentally fall and it isn't necessary for him to offer pity.

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  • Horrible customer service
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Poor customer service

Amtrak crew washed stray dog in my cabin shower.

I took the Empire Builder from East Glacier to Seattle on May 5th. Apon boarding the train, I discovered that there was animal hair and standing water clogging the shower drain. The towels and shampoo were also missing. I called a steward to clean up the mess and his excuse was that someone must have snuck in and used the shower. That seemed very odd to me that one person could have shed that much hair. Later that evening, I saw a crew member bring a dog into the cabin next to mine. When I asked why a dog was in here, he stated it was a service dog. This "service dog" spent the rest of the trip barking, whining and scratching at the door of the cabin next to mine. I never actually saw the dog provide a service for anyone. I did, however see several crew members go into the cabin to pet the dog. That is when it occured to me that the white hair in my cabin shower was dog hair. Apon arrival to Seattle, someone got over the speaker system to announce our approaching arrival. This person then proceded to tell the story of this dog which they named "Track". He explained how the dog was found covered in parasites and how they had brought the dog in and cleaned him off (in my shower most likely) and was now on his way to a new home. I don't want to sound cold but stray dogs can carry ticks which can harbor serious diseases and I had a five-month-old baby with me. Dealing with Amtrak customer service has been a bureaucratic nightmare. I was on hold with the complaints department for 45 minutes. After investigating the complaint, the only response I got from the company was "It was a service dog" and they offered me a $200 credit voucher for our next trip. I was outraged that this is all the company had to offer after so blatantly disregarding the health and safety of their passengers. I have no intentions of ever using them again. They said if I wanted to contest the charges further, I would have to write a letter and mail it. This company very obviously does not take customers seriously and I hope it leads to their eventual downfall.
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Yeah right...


@Summer's Rain- I am the writer of this review. My response was to MrsLea01.

I just failed to directly address this person. Thank you for your understanding.


Dkrishnan, why does something have to be wrong with this passenger? She/he has every right to be concerned, especially using the same facilities as an animal.

Something must be wrong with YOU!!!!!

You probably eat, bathe and everything else with your animals, yuk! :eek


Lady, I think you are a biaed troll. There is obviously something YOU are not telling us about your agenda.


Lady, I think you are a biaed troll. There is obviously something YOU are not telling us about your agenda.


Lady, I think you are just money hungry. Obviously you are fine. There is obviously more to this story than you are telling too.

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