Manorville, New York

my son and his girlfriend from norway are on the 8/14/08 7:50 train from st. paul to chicago.

the train has been dead on the tracks for over 2 hours with no end in sight for repair. I cannot get info from amtrak on the repairs or what is being done. this stinks.

I called the custmer service hotline and got no information. I called the local Amtrak office and got no information.

it seems to me someone should be able to tell me what is being done to correct the situation.

i will be demanding a total refund of my money from amtrak.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #28232

Lol ghostbuster. I wonder who paid for tickets, the person writing the letter or the son and girlfriend.

If it was the son and girlfriend that paid for the tickets.

I wonder if he/she does get he refund will he/she tell his son and girlfriend or keep their money and not say anything. In fact I wonder if the son even know their parent is trying to get the refund for something they probably did not even pay for.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #28229

Oh, please you don't care about your son or his girlfriend, you just want the refund. That is what this is mainly about your last sentence explains it all.

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