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I have been thinking about taking a cross country trip on Amtrak, but I am extremely hesitant to do so because I have a very large stash of cash that I would be bringing with me and also I would be paying for my one way ticket with cash at the last minute. I am afraid that I will be flagged for paying with cash for a last minute one way ticket and that the cops will search me and seize all of my cash claiming that it is drug related.(it's not!) So, I guess that I will just have to find another means of getting to my destination, because I have read all of the reviews on this P.O.'d website about people having their money stolen.

Also, I am extremely shy and nervous whenever I go out into public and would come across as being very suspicious to the Amtrak employees. And on top of all of that, I am scared of the train derailing and becoming injured in the wreckage. I guess that I'll just be going Greyhound and I'll leave the driving and the ripping off for for food, drink & snacks to them. Once, when the Greyhound stopped for the Border Patrol, I was sitting in the backseat and was very tired and bored, so once I saw that we were going to be delayed by the Border Patrol, I spread out onto those back three seats and took a nap.

A Border Patrol officer saw me, and came aboard the bus and rudely roused me and made me get up and get off the bus and take my belongings with me where he searched through all of my *** and grilled me with questions. He said that when he saw me lay down after seeing him through the window that he thought that I was trying to hide from them and that he was searching through all of my stuff because he thought that I may be a drug smuggler. Also, he said that he thought that it was very suspicious how nervous I was. Thank goodness that I didn't have a stash of cash with me then, or else it would have been seized for suspicion of it being "drug related".

Maybe I should just wire my stash of cash through Wal-Mart to pick up at the Wal-Mart in the city where I am going to. That way, the crooks at Amtrak can't seize it from me when they have the cops search me for being so suspicious looking(I tremble like a leaf, and nervously look around) Also, all of the shady looking characters riding with me make me get really scared and nervous as well.

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So stay home.... Problem solved....You're Welcome...

to Anonymous #1626137

I see you didn't leave you're name! Coward!

to Nervous and Suspicious Traveler #1627997

May I assume your name is "Nervous and Suspicious Traveler" Pot calling the kettle black. You use a glorified anonymous moniker yet complain about the use of the default moniker.

Please free free to post your real name you lame weenie... Oh and BTW, stay at home...

to Nervous and Suspicious Traveler #1628002

Funny, you didn't leave your name either and I agree with Anonymous: STAY HOME. Also BTW, these reviews should be about your experience WITH Amtrak, not what you think WILL happen.

to tj #1628194

Get A Life!

to Anonymous #1630347

Charlie Umbrella November Tango!

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