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I have been a strong proponent of Amtrak's long distance trains, and have taken advantage of the Silver Service to FL many times. I always associated the experience of taking the train as a mix between last generation charm and class with the additional benefit of a low stress trip. The experience and fun was the reason that I would often spend more on an Amtrak trip than the same destination airline ticket. The Silver service was a great example of the commitment of Amtrak to keep the class, and the excitement of train travel intact as an essential part of their marketing.

However, over the past ten years or so, with the past three the most obvious, it appears to me that the Amtrak bean counters are trying their best to save every penny on the long distance trains by eliminating all the traditional charm, and classiness, and making the travel experience about the same as taking a bus.

The last straw is the disappearance of the remaining dining car from the Silver Star witnessed on my last trip. There was only a single Cafe car for the whole train that dispensed the same junk food snacks and an assortment of several say old sandwiches To summarize, there was nothing memorable or exciting about the current Silver service level.

If the level of service needs to deteriorate to the point it has reached for Amtrak to break even, the time has come for Amtrak to re-think the continuation of its,long distance trains. The so obvious decline in service is the beginning of a death spiral in the quest for attracting passengers previously taking the train. It appears that Amtrak is planning to eliminate the quality of service and focus on mass marketing to individuals that could care less about the experience. I can't find a reason to take the train anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Amtrak Pros: Employees that go the extra mile.

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It's really sad. Wasn't this line named "Silver Service" to refer to the silverware during the dining service? You'd think someone at Amtrak corporate might have thought to choose a different line to downgrade and eliminate dining cars....


I have to travel north and bring a truck. So, I thought taking the train would be great.

However, the reviews are so, so bad!!

One review was from a disable person, which I am. Therefore, I am not taking the train!!!