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I was coming back from a two days trip in Washington and wanted to get 2 bottles of water at the trains bar. One for me and one for my colleague.

When I arrived at the bar, one lady was handing money to the bartender who was finishing the preparation of her order. I wasn't paying too much attention to them and waited my turn politely. Then, all of a sudden, the guy who was with his back to me said "next"! I was not going to scream my order to him and as the lady was still packing up her order, I waited for maximum two seconds... But then the bartender said next louder, without even turning to me. I decided I would go ahead and start my order and these were the exact words of the conversation:

Me-"Hi, do you have water?"


Me-"Is it in bottle?" ok this might not have been the smartest question but it could have been in a can or any size of bottle...

At that point he put one bottle of water on the bar and said on an aggressive tone:

Him-"what do you think water would be in? A can?"

Me-"I don't know..."


Me-"Can I have two bottles?"

He turned around...

Him-"You want three?"



Me (taking money in my wallet, grumbling)-"Jesus"

Him-"what about him?"

Me-"I'm sorry?"

Him-"what about him? What about Jésus?"

Me-"you are very aggressive!"

Him-"and you are awesome!"

At that point he had given my change back and had already turned to the next customer...

I walked away trying to figure out what happened... Not willing to pursue the conflict but this was by far the worst service I have ever paid for and I wish I was not that thirsty and could have waited the 3.5 hours to drink...

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I know what you mean about this kind of attitude from a few of the amtrak employees. The snackstand lady on the Texas Eagle last November, from L A where we go on, to go to Alpine Texas, was almost as bad.

A very snotty attitude for no reason.

What a shame they behave so badly. :sigh