Vacaville, California

I'm disabled and was traveling with my wife from Indianapolis to Sacramento thru Chicago. When I booked our train tickets I was promised to the have a "Red Cap" at Chicago as soon as we got there to help us with luggage.

When we arrived in Chicago,the Conductor yelled at my wife to get our luggage because the "Red Cap" was there. My wife got the luggage out the "Red Cap" was rude to my wife and she started crying. From that point on the "Red Caps" were rude to us, just not one but all of them.

I was promised that we would have assistance when we needed it; and we didn't have it! I'm a disabled vet and it is terrible that you can't get help when your traveling.

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2018 same problem extremely rude red caps. If you need assistance in chicago don't count on it.


You expected service on the train. Not happening. You would have been better off traveling the bus!