San Diego, California

san diego to moorpark....have service dog with colors on....porter ask me .what is he train to do (call 911) i let that go over my head .then he ask what does he do for you .i said he gives me mobilty and helps up and down stairs......this is a porter that sold me the ticket on board...2 hours later the conductor a female...e.rittenhouse is her name and i have pic of her.....told me to give me my ticket and my i.d and my dog was a pet i was trying to get to my ticket she makes comment that i am holding train up and told the porter i should be removed from train....if that is not enough for you folks...there was a woman alone who was blind with a cain...and ask this porter if he could help her to the stairs so she could get something to eat,...he said ,i have no time to do that......the stairs were 9 feet away...she ask twice..he told me not to leave my dog so i did not do anything to help...i can not tell you how this makes me feel towards paid help not give a f//////about fellow man or woman..... i need some sort of responce from you or i am going to san diego t.v news and americans with disabilities this was on 1-25 the 930am train out of old town san diego to north

it is time for the people to take law into there own hands

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

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