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Amtrak Sucks

DONT DO IThere is my review of our trip from Florida to NYC. It sucked from start to finish, $2,600 round trip for a horrible experience. We had a bedroom on a viewliner 1 on the way from Fl. to NYC and a viewliner 2 on the way back and both sucked. We had to stuff toilet paper and towels between the gaps in the doors that close off the two adjoining rooms, the cabinet doors, and between the ladders and the walls to keep them from banging and tapping. You will pull your back out when trying to clean your *** in that small bathroom and the toilet is so small an average sized man can not get his *** inside the toilet while going number 2 (do note most *** and *** during the same seating). On the way up to NYC the shower would not stop leaking so there was always water on the floor and on the way back the toilet lid would not stay up as you were standing to *** and the bathroom door would come unlatched and open on its own exposing your *** to the world. Oh, and on the way up the closet door latch was broken. The new viewliner already has cracks in the fiberglass and even the staff said they do not like the new design. And OH there is this, all the way up and all the way back we enjoy the smell of sewer gas, aka *** fumes, and it took a day after each trip for it to clear out of our noses. The food also mostly SUCKED... burger was good, our breakfast was good (coffee sucked), and the mousse cake and cheesecake were good. The fancy LOOKING meals tasted like cheap frozen dinners. The tracks were horrible throughout most of the trip, we rocked around almost the entire trip. Nothing like paying $2,600 to experience a living *** All of those *** promoting Amtrak on YouTube will find their little special place in *** alongside the Amtrak CEO and upper administration. Our family will NEVER ride on another Amtrak train and we will surely spread the word about our horrific experiences. And to think our taxes subsidize Amtrak --- If you are a masochists, ride Amtrak and if you are a Sadist, recommend Amtrak---
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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Don't EVER use Amtrak!

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Amtrak - Accommodations
A bus driver on my bus connection from Emeryville to San Francisco would not operate the wheelchair lift for me. He said it had been around 6 months since he used it and did not want to take the time to figure out how to use it again because he had forgotten how to. He then asked me if I could just walk. I then forced myself to hobble up the stairs and in return hurt myself doing so. After calling Amtrak to report the incident, the person over the phone tried to make me at fault for not calling Amtrak prior. When I arrived at the station initially, I talked to the people at the desk and informed them I was in a wheelchair (this was my first time traveling with Amtrak while in a wheelchair), and they said I would be accommodated both on the train and bus.
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  • Lots of destinations and stops
  • Affordable travel
  • Not very clean
  • Unorganized
  • Does not make sure all drivers accommodate

Preferred solution: I would like a direct apology from the bus driver. I did receive a voucher, but I believe it was very unprofessional of the phone operator to blame me for the mistake of the bus driver. I want to make sure this never happens to anyone else.

User's recommendation: I may have been too kind to the phone operator when reporting the incident. Hold your ground even when they try to blame you for their mistakes.

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A complaint about my damaged luggage