I traveled from Lorton Virginia to Stanford Florida on Saturday, June 18, 2022. I was going to visit my family in West Palm Beach, Florida to attend a family reunion.

With the train having a 5-hour delay, I missed relatives I haven't seen in quite a while. My arrival in West Palm Beach was 8:30 pm. I am Bi-polar and this caused me much distressed not to see my family. With the 5-hour delay, I had to take an Anxiety pill.

I have my morning medication to take, and it was in my car..

Arriving in Sanford at 5:30 was not a good time to take my morning pills. I have to take my nighttime pills around 9.

My reservation #25A5F4.

I want a full refund. This is the 3rd time traveling on the auto train and it just might be the last.


Florence McAndrew

Amtrak Pros: Delays.

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

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