Hinckley, Minnesota

We left Michigan early morning and had one episode after another with a million of apologies we can't help you, thats against company policies. We survived the day without food, six o'clock dinner reservation our car PA system out of order, we did not get the call.

At 6:30 we went to the dining car and was told it was our fault we missed our six and would have to wait until 7:30 now. Miguel our car attendant got two dinner rolls for us to tide us over. After dinner I mentioned to my niece that that should be the end of our problems. Not so, we were asleep when the attendant woke us and said two more stops before our destination.

We sat and waited, he came and told us we missed our station and they were sending a ride to pick us up and it would be there in less than five minutes. Would we please leave the train, which we did and it was cold, windy ,dark and one o'clock in the morning. We were afraid as we didnot know where we were when asked to leave the train. The wrong directions were given and we waited for approx.

15 min for our ride to show up. I am 75 yrs. old and my niece is 64 and my family is furious as to what could have happened to us. I have nothing good to say about Amtrak and they can keep their voucher because we will not travel with them ever.

Why does the Gov. subsidize them and let them do the terrible things that go on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

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