Redding, California
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In March of 2015 my wife and I were supposed to travel from Sacramento to Illinois for my Mothers funeral service. We live 3 hours from Sacramento and we were more than halfway to the station when we called to see if the train was on time.

Not only not on time but CANCELLED. Apparently it had been cancelled for 2 days due to a derailment. NO ONE BOTHERED to tell us!! Our ONLY option at this time, since they couldn't guarantee when the next train toward Chicago would run, was to drive the nearly 2000 miles, endure expensive food and motels and gas as well as plenty of mental strain.

Yes, they were happy to refund our money, they did it quick. Hoping it would go away. In a letter from a Mr. Aluster Farmer, supposedly a customer relations SPECIALIST, Amtrak is not responsible for anything that happens, let alone calling us to let us know the *** train was cancelled so we could at least have a shot at making some other arrangements.

They represent themselves so poorly.

The message I get is they say they are sympathetic but in reality all they want to do is collect their government pensions like all beureocrats who give us little real value for our society. Whoo would want to ride with them again?

Case Number 2990367

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Reason of review: Causing grief and extra costs because they failed to notify us of cancellation..

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amtrak Cons: Their response to my case 2990367.

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Mr. Aluster Farmer wrote me a letter too...but does not give any return contact information..........which indicates he is not good at customer relations.........


Similar case, they mention the trip is not confirmed. but took my money, and set me on the wrong day.

they even don't want to refund due to their fault.

When the time I register the trip, they did not send me any email or message to confirm, after the wrong train gone. they send me a email saying you are missed. How a suck company to serve their customer.

finally I need to take the greyhound, instead of it.

and without the refund for Amtrak.

I will suggest no one take their service anymore.