Baltimore, Maryland

I was traveling from NYC to BWI on the 165 Northeast Regional. When I got off at BWI I instantly realized that I left my carry-on luggage above my seat in the overhead compartment.

I attempted to run back to the train, but it was already rolling out of the station at that point. I called Amtrak's customer service department within 5 minutes and told her my situation. She was very friendly and helpful and said that she would let the stations know. The next day I continued to call around because I hadn't heard of any new information regarding my luggage.

I was bounced around between Union Station's Amtrak Lost and Found, Amtrak Customer Services, and Amtrak Customer Relations. Each employee was less helpful than the previous. They told me that all I can do is wait at this point. There is no effort on their part to help track down my luggage.

There should be a way for the employees to get in contact with current employees on the train to check. I insisted on doing this myself but I was told that I am not allowed to speak with train personnel. The whole process was cold and disrespectful. The employees showed no enthusiasm for their customers and were rude at times.

The train only had one more stop when I got off at BWI. It was also the final trip of the day for that train. The crews inability to track down my luggage after I very accurately described the appearance and location reflects the general poor customer service that the entire Amtrak staff demonstrated. The bag should have been found that evening.

All that needed to happen was the Customer Service Rep reach out to a current Train Representative and tell him/her to check my seat. I am beyond furious at Amtrak's lack of responsibility and concern for their customers. And just for further reference, I was told that the train was serviced last night and cleaned last night. In my opinion the bag was either found during cleaning and not properly reported or not found because of poor cleaning procedures and is still on the train.

The staff of course will not let me reach out to any train personnel to check for me? That makes not sense to me.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Same experience. This just encourages thieves within Amtrak!

The people at the final train yard must be stealing all these items. Then the lost & found cover up for them - maybe even taking a cut.

They shoo us away as we ask about the items so they can project those who are stealing the items at the yard. This is so corrupt of Amtrak not to address this but their employees benefit from these "perks" or free "tips" they all get daily in the yard when they find these items on the train.


Good news! After emailing the CEO of Amtrak, Media Director of Amtrak, Head of Customer Service for all of Amtrak, contacting @amtrak on twitter, calling lost & found in DC, contacting police in Boston to file a report, reaching out to my senator & congressmen and reaching out to Boston Globe - the bag was found!

I shared with them all my concern that the brush off I got at lost & found would make it easy for people in the yard to take bags with no accountability.

Police were wonderful! Customer Service was wonderful.


I am going through same thing with my iphone. Did you send a joint email to all the executives?

I realized immediately I had left phone on train (Acela 2175 arrived Wash DC at Midnight), but I wasn't allowed back in bldg because fire alarms were going off.

Actually, a man called my daughter's number (swiped the last phone number that called) and said he was down at the yard where they fix trains and found my phone.

It was 5am and he woke her up. He said he would give phone to his supervisor. She was happy he found it but she did not get his name.

My husband went in next morning to lost and found and waited a couple of hours at Lost and Found.

The man at Lost and Found was unable to provide any information about the whereabouts of the phone.

I have called every day for 3 days and can't get any information. He won't find out what superviors were working that night, or get list of maintenance men who worked on train Monday night.

I even offered a reward for the phone. All my photos are on the phone.

I am frustrated and angry now because I feel it is a complete brush-off. Thank you for your comments and happy you got your bag returned.


We forgot our expensive camera with all the pictures from our Disney Land trip under the seat in the sleeper car. Just like you, realized it right away, and experiencing the same lack of enthusiasm in trying to find it.

The personnel is claiming that they did not locate the camera. I know the camera backpack was right under the seat and find it hard to believe not the crew or the lost and found attendant did not find it. Really devastated by this loss, the entire trip photos were on that camera.

The Amtrak customer service is disappointing, will never again travel by Amtrak.


Ugh. Literally the exact same thing - immediately went to BWI station to ask about it and told them where I was sitting (quiet car) and everything.


This is literally the exact same experience that I had. Forget my bag in the overhead compartment, immediately realized as soon as I got off the train but it already rolled out of the station when I got back down.

They claimed to have cleaned the trains before sending them back, but nothing's turned up. Very helpful.


I am dealing with the exact same problem. Apathy, lack of organization and response is infuriating.


I have just reported the same thing for a lost bag. I really hope things have changed.


I'm dealing with this same situation as we speak and I'm so sorry. Hopefully they find mine