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My most recent horrendous experience was on Oct 23, 2015. I had got on the train in Chicago the previous day. The morning of the 23rd we were advised that there had been a freight car derailment near Gallup NM and we would be taking a bus from Albuquerque into Gallup...
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  • No help for disabled persons
  • Being bused from one place to another
  • Being promised one thing and then not following through
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund
  • Baggage
  • unhelpful staff
  • Albuquerque Nm
  • Gallup Nm
  • Flagstaff Az
  • No Food

Amtrak ***!

I recently came to experience the worst customer service I have ever dealt with, or been witness to upon taking Amtrak on an excursion from Albuquerque to San Diego. It had been a number of years since I had taken the train and my past experience with Amtrak service was not nearly as memorable. While I do recall one or two surly attendants, I do not recall the kind of abusive, disrespectful and intimidating treatment of passengers, as I was witness to on this trip. Throughout the trip periodic announcements were made in the form of threats to passengers. Passengers were told in no uncertain terms what their fate would be if they did not abide by the rules. There was no please refrain from this or please refrain from that, but simply orders, like those given by the gestapo. Passengers were constantly warned that they would be left in the middle of nowhere if they did not abide by certain rules, and questions that would occasionally be raised were either ignored or replied to with a curt response. Passengers expressed that they felt more like prisoners than guests on the train and a contempt for passengers seemed to be shared by the entire crew. It was obvious to me that the crew's behavior is a projection of the company's customer service outlook and that their behavior is considered to be acceptable. Perhaps Amtrak with its low class and uneducated staff believes that there are few options for those of us who choose not to fly, or endure the hardship of bus travel, but the reality is that they are losing customers. I will never take Amtrak again and I am not alone in this decision, as complaints against the service continue to rise. I am more than willing to fight through my fear of flying or suffer the cramped quarters of a bus rather than experience another ride on the prison railroad.
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Humm, sounds like the first 'employee' spelled it out pretty much as it is!

We have a saying here when a customer voices a concern or complaint "Sorry about your luck". A great response huh?


Aaah, you are now a victim of Amtrak's latest hiring model. No care is given to the qualifications, or attitude of the persective candidate, only as to how they will fit into the prescribed employee 'census'.

I am guessing that they are hoping that it will not make much difference in the percieved quality of service. guess they might be wrong.

I am seeing this once potentially great passenger railroad going further into the abyss a little bit more each passing day.

As an employee on the NEC, I can also assure you that overall, the corporation considers any operations off of the corridors as simply a service that must be maintained by federal law, and not worthy of any large investments of funding, personel training, or care above survival mode. it's really that simple. They really don't care to offer any service, period.

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In October of 2007, my wife and I (65 years old) began a two thousand dollar Amtrak trip in a standard roomette. We were soon subjected to stultifying high temperatures and a lack of ventilation in our 6 and-a-half by 3 and-a-half foot compartment. The unsmiling,...
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I rode amtrak from virginia to florida, and from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am I have no memory as if someone slipped me something. At 4:00 am in Savannah, GA I had a Sheriff and two deputies escort me off the train, very nice officers, almost laughing as if the whole thing was a joke. I have been riding amtrak for years, but rode the bus back to Florida and I will never ride amtrak again, and am even starting a website about my train experiences.

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