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I remember when hurricane Katrina hiit, they said that alot of Amtrak railrway was damaged in Mississippi and Amtrak announced that were no longer going to be running the "Sunset Limited" train form New Orleans to Orlando no mo. I think that it is a shame and a...
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Well, you can always go Greyhound. They serve that route.

Or you could get a train from New Orleans to Atlanta, stay overnight at a hotel at your expense, and then catch another train from Atlanta to wherever you want to go to in Florida. Or you could go down to your nearest Flying J Truck stop and go talk to the truck drivers and maybe you could find one of them willing to give you a ride down there for free.

But first you need to make sure that they aren't going to get mad if you don't want to accommodating to their needs. You don't wanna get picked up by a truck driver thinking that you have a ride to Florida, only to get put off on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere when he finds out that you don't want to do anything with him, like has happened to me more times than I can remember.

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I took a train from California to Tennessee, there was a layover in New Orleans and I was told that i was under suspension of explosive while being detained for over 2 hours the police took my bags to another location and transported to the city lock up because of...
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robbed and rapped
Preferred solution
apology, full refund all my losses and pain and suffering and be allowed to form a task force that police the police

Amtrak in New Orleans, Louisiana - Amtrack Service & Customer Relations is horrible.

My husband and I each bought $500+ rail passes for our honeymoon trip last year. The trip itself was a nightmare, every leg of our trip was delayed by at least several hours. Twice it was delayed by over 24 hours (once with us actually stuck on the train that long just outside of Denver!). We called customer relations after our trip and were given vouchers for only a fraction of our initial costs, then we had to wait for them to be mailed before using them, and only then (upon close inspection) did we learn that they had an expiration date. Not only that, but there are apparently no extensions on this date whatsoever unless you have documentation of a medical emergency that left you incapacitated for the entire length of the time that the vouchers are good for. Again, I was only told this after I tried to redeem the certificate a week past the deadline. This is a terrible company that does not care at all about the health, safety, or satisfaction of their customers. Consumer BEWARE!!
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:sigh same thing here...delay of 4 hours ruined my a measly certificate, non transferrable, can't use for booking online, need to march down to an agent in person and i live no where near...soooo, it expired, and you know what, they can't tell me in customer relation whether they will grant an extension...i have to MAIL the certificate about old technolgy...amtrak is going the way of the dinosaur....pathetic!!!


DC to Savannah. Worst service ever. Rude, incompetent, and rude.


Well, I am sorry to hear of your bad trip, and YeahOK is 100% correct, other then the Northeast Corridor, and a few short other sections that Amtrak owns, you are at the mercy of the hosting freight railroads.and I can assure you, they see Amtrak as a thorn in their sides, but they are required by federal law to allow Amtrak over these lines. Even allowing for free pass travel, me and mine travel by car or plane 95% of the time.


Amtrak does not own any of the track it runs on, except for the northeast corridor. It runs mostly on freight lines, which means if there is any problems with a train ahead, it will shut down all trains behind it.

Amtrak is the only nation wide passanger train service in the U.S.. Amtrak does a very good job keeping the trains moving considering.

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Took an amtrak trip, very *** poor service, most rude employees, I wrote amtrak CEO and president,Joe Boardman, a certified letter. He refused to respond. I will never take another amtrak trip the longest day I live. I have been riding amtrak since 1982. I took my wife...
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amtrak train crew from miami florida are allways very rude silver star 91 and 92

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