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No one there to greet us we boarded on our own. No one asked for our tickets anyone could have a free ride from Chicago to DC.

They did lock the door and let folks on and off, when we asked for service nothing happened.No one came for dinner or breakfast order.Went to the snack car no food was there someone did not order enough food. The staff on this train is African-American and they do not like to serve you its ingrained in them.I'm AA so I will own this statement. I want my meals at my seat.

The dining car stank to high heaven; the bathroom was horrible beyond what is reasonable, someone left *** on the lounge small sofa.Now here is the *** part,all black people are kept on this one train.A few Caucasians are seen but once they find out that Caucasians people line up in the hall at union station and are boarded first on a separate train they don't make the mistake again...i did not either Keep in mind we are all going to DC and this separation does occur.The only time we saw staff was on arrival at Union Station DC.. Don't take this train seeing is believing and I experience this for all of you.I had to ride this train a couple of times to find out how not to get on the Black 30 limited.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: a complimentary sleeping car for my next trip to Chicago and from Chicago to VRV.

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I ride this train several times a year and while service can be a lot better, I have never seen the racial situation you imply. Many Amtrak crews are white (including some of the several assigned to the Capitol Limited), and the suggestion that there is some racial distinction by train or boarding is ludicrous. It is simply not true.