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I have always wanted to take the Amtrak train from lake Charles, Louisiana to Essex junction, Vermont(the station for Burlington). I always ended up going Greyhound, because Amtrak told me that in order for me to take the train that I would have to stay overnight in both New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

at my own expense. Both cities have been known as the "murder capital of america" for more than one year, new orleans for numerous years. Also, both cities are noted for having very high prices for motel rooms. And New Orleans may be fairly safe in the French Quarter, but is very dangerous everywhere else.

So, I never did take the Amtrak, although I was very willing to pay the extra expense of the ticket. Also, the train only passes through Lake Charles going east 3 times a week and the station where you catch the train is unstaffed and is in an isolated area along the railroad tracks, in a real high crime rate part of town. I would be scared that someone would walk up to me, pull a gun, and rob me of all of my money, with no one around to witnesses it or to help me . Also, it scares me how so many Amtrak trains have derailed before.

I'd still be willing to pay the high cost of the ticket, and wait at an Unmanned station in an isolated area, but I am not willing to stay overnight in New Orleans and Washington, D.C. That would cost more money than the train ticket!

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You should have just taken the trip anyway and hung out and slept in the New Orleans and Washington train terminals. If security had tried to roust you, you could have just showed them your train ticket and explained that you were sleeping in the train station because you didn't have enough money for a hotel.

You could have looked upon it as being an adventure. Surely, it would have been more comfortable than sleeping in your seat on the Greyhound Bus.


Why, you should just try hopping the trains for free 'Hobo Style". Just make sure that you always have a real warm coat and a gallon of water with you at all times. Often, you can find a free boxcar full of hoboes to ride with and can enjoy sharing stories about all of your traveling adventures.


I wrote the above review. This is in response to T.J.

that sarcastically said that I think that Amtrak should run a special train for me, or that they should pay for my hotel stays in New Orleans and Washington D.C. I really wanted to ride the train, but I was in a hurry to get back to Vermont and i didn't have time to be staying overnight two places along the way. I was currently living in Burlington, Vermont and very much wanted to take the train, but I was on a limited budget and while I could have come up with the extra money for the train fare, I couldn't afford to spend like $200 a night in both New Orleans and Washington, D.C. and pay for cab fare to the hotels also.

I had been used to living in the safest state in America, Vermont, and everything that I heard about all of the violent crimes in New Orleans and Washington D.C. scared the Bejesus out of me. I have read alot of travel literature and was well aware that New Orleans and Washington D.C. were near the top of the list for being places where hotels were expensive.

I am sure that if I had stayed at a "No Frills" or 'Budget" or "Economy" motel in either city, that it would have costed me more than $100 a night, plus it likely would have been in a high crime area where I would have very likely to have been mugged. And T.J. implied that I need to get a life, and that life is full of surprises. Well, I have had a very eventful life full of wonderful surprises on my very many travels, and I have met alot of very extremely interesting people and had very many very interesting experiences.

I loved living in Burlington, Vermont very much because it was so beautiful and everyone was so nice and friendly and because it had the lowest crime rate in the country. For many years I would hear how both New Orleans and Washington D.C. were given the designation as the "Murder capital of America" because they had a higher murder rate per capita than any other city in the United States. I think that T.J.

needs to get a life and stop leaving sarcastic comments to people's reviews. I have very many traveling stories and adventures to share my stories about, and I don't just do the same boring trip every year like T.J. says that he or she does. And I'm sure if they had told T.J.

that he or she would have had to have stayed overnight in both Chicago and Detroit along the way, that T.J. would have gone Greyhound instead as well.

My wonderful life has been full of many surprises and I am very glad that I got to have so many wonderful adventures. God Bless America!


Why don't you just get an airplane ticket if it is going to cost you so much money staying in hotels along the way?


Why are the stations unmanned?


I am always concerned about people who ride on Amtrak trains, as they seem to often be in an awful lot of accidents. It seems to be a very dangerous way to travel.


No wonder Amtrak is always losing so much money and they are talking about shutting it down!


Maybe Amtrak should run a special train just for you or maybe pay for your hotel bills in the layover cities. I can't take Amtrak direct from Joliet, IL to Reading, Pa but yet every year I manage to get there by a number of trains and a rental car.

Life is full of surprises. Why don't you get one.


I agree with you, *** Amtrak and their dangerous isolated stations!


Umm so walk