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I purchase a train ticket to travel to Houston, TX. I do not like purchasing online; howecer, since I could find a customer service number for them via websites I viewed, my only was purchasing ticket purchase online. December 18, 2018, I departed. Louisville, KY via...
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Bad quality
We left Houston on December 11,2018 we were one hour late leaving Houston and arrived in Lafayette Louisiana five hour late. Our time to arrive was 5:12PM And we arrived at 10:15 PM. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
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May I suggest going Greyhound next time? Or Hitch-Hiking?

If you had hitch-hiked there, it is likely that you could have been picked up by someone who would have driven you all the way to Lafayette without stopping at every little Hick town along the way like Greyhound makes you do. Plus you would have saved yourself alot of money as well.

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  • Comfortable ride
  • Arriving 5 hours late at lafayette station
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution

Amtrak in Gary, Indiana - Always late

I have been catching Amtrak between Dearborn and Chicago quiet often this year and 99.9% of the time I've been late getting to my destination, to the point that today is my last day using Amtrak. Flights may be more expense but *** sure worth not being late every *** time. GOOD BYE Amtrak ! Don't see you being in business much longer. I have been catching Amtrak between Dearborn and Chicago quiet often this year and 99.9% of the time I've been late getting to my destination, to the point that today is my last day using Amtrak. Flights may be more expense but *** sure worth not being late every *** time. GOOD BYE Amtrak ! Don't see you being in business much longer.
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My first and absolutely LAST Amtrak Trip. 

This is the review of my first and last Amtrak experience.  To start with, when I got the eticket, I signed up for an email alert if the train was going to be delayed. It was delayed about 45 minutes from arriving into the station and no email to speak of. The train, once it arrived was not announced over the loudspeaker which is odd as I was going from a major hub to another major hub, Cleveland to Chicago. Probably would have missed the train if I didn't hear another passenger say the train had arrived which was later confirmed by the ticket agent. Already I had concerns my checked bags would not make it with me as she asked three times where they were going. Awesome.  Upon boarding the train there was an issue with a passenger. He was upset about, lost luggage, just my luck. However it was 4am, the only time trains leave for some reason, and appeared to be a crackpot and stressed so I put on my headphones and fell asleep. When I woke up next the train had been stalled for about a half hour. The volatile passenger from before was in the process of being arrested. They took better care of him than us, even brought him hot coffee at one point. I'm sure wherever he was going he's there now. I'm still in Ohio as I write this, at this point I should have arrived in Chicago over an hour and a half ago. Yeah.  I called customer service after the second hour passed. The man had been taken away but due to signal delays ahead the train couldn't move. This seemed to be an Amtrak only problem as other non Amtrak trains passed us, I counted at least three.  After waiting on hold for an hour to talk to customer service the summary of the conversation was, "If you make it to Chicago there will probably be no refund as we have fulfilled our end of the ticket. However if you want to file for one by snail mail and wait 45 days for a 99% assured verdict of '*** no' you can waste your time with pointless busy work thinking you are accomplishing something."  People will say, "We'll you should have considered your schedule for delays." Don't worry I did. I travel frequently, plane and bus, never train. I always allow for at least an hour for mistakes when taking a bus, more for a plane. This time, never having taken a train before, for my transfer when I get to Chicago I gave myself a two hour birth to make sure. At this point I am four hours behind, the bus ticket I purchased is worthless, and I have to get an unplanned hotel room.  What was supposed to be a 53 dollar, rather easy trip has become a 200 dollar nightmare. I will not see a return from this as Amtrak's policy seems to be, once we have your money and you are on the train we know you have to stay there and put up with any *** we want to give you because you have nowhere to go. An hour or two I could have dealt with because plans could have still been pushed through. Still not out of Ohio and at this point it was supposed to have arrived two hours ago.  I have arrived, not at my destination but am at the house of a friend who kindly took me in for the night. You need to understand that had everything gone as it was supposed to I should have been in at 2pm Central time, at my own apartment, and completely fine. However, the time I actually arrived here was 10pm.  When I finally did get to Union station at 3:45pm I had been told that there was a train leaving for my city at 4:05. They told me this on the train I was on for about 14 hours. Oh they tried to quell my complaints with a complementary meal service and I was asleep when that meal service came around no one attempted to wake me. This wasn't just me either about 10 other people didn't recieve the free meal and we ended up having to complain to get it.  From three different representatives there I was repeatedly told, "It's not our fault" "Things happen" and "I'm sorry". I pose the question, how is this not their fault? For instance, had it been up to me wouldn't the train have been on time? Wouldn't I have made all my connections? How is it not the train companies fault that any of this happened? I was told by those same three representatives there would be no refund because as I got on the train and finished in Chicago like the price of my ticket stated their end of the job was done and basically '***'.  I told them that I had to spend money on a meal I wouldn't have had to spend money on because at that time it was 11 am I should have been at Chicago 2 hours prior. Where food would have been far cheaper because I could have gone somewhere that wasn't train food which is extraordinarily high when it comes to pricing (2.25 for a can of Pepsi, a CAN) so really I spent money that I should have had to because they didn't get me there on time.  This was not a matter of a few hours, I even budgeted my time for them to be late a few hours, I could have chosen to connect with my bus into the next city far earlier but thought "*** happens I'll give it a few hours to make sure" this was not a two hour delay this was a 10 hour delay, I was repeatedly told I wouldn't get my money back, and that Amtrak was not responsible.  A lot of this seemed liked massive incompetence on their end. It seemed like they could have better measures in place. Any time on the train I asked something like, "DO you have an estimate on when we might be there?" anyone I asked the answer was, "I don't know." Fair enough because well there are a lot of variables.  However, at one point we were in Gary Indiana, I know because my phone said that. At that point we were delayed due to their messed up signals, I asked three people, "If we were to start moving right now, what's the ETA." None of them knew.  Seriously? You work on a *** train that runs this route all the time and you don't know? I asked if they could find out they said there was no way to. I told them I meant if there are no problems and the train goes right now how many minutes by train to Chicago, still NO one knew. It was like no one had heard of using a phone or a radio to ask things it was as if all of them were just doing this for the first time and it was completely new to them as it was to me and how dare I even ask.  I am going to make sure I put this review as many relevant places as possible, including my own website, my other blog, and tweet it directly to them as we'll as email their *** customer service. This isn't a little mistake this is rampant incompetence and I will make sure everyone knows about it. Amtrak is a horrible company and they should have buckled under long ago if these are their policies and they treat people like cattle.
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You will be heartened to know that YOUR government heavily subsidizes Amtrak with your tax dollars. I have traveled on the rails in many countries all over the world and can say with certainty that Amtrac offers the worst, most incompetent and unreliable train service of anyone.


Now you know not to take a train. A bus is not much better nowadays, for your information.

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