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I am currently on a train from memphis to new orleans. These folk have a dang radio on.

Snapping, dancing, yelling out. Other passengers trying to map.

Oh no, they want to party. I have never seen such ignorance

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They should have a separate car for all of the party people to ride in. They should have a separate car called the "Library Car" for people who are quiet and want to read or just ride in serenity and silence.

Any jerk who starts yakking away on a cell-phone in this car, shall be made to ride in the cell-phone-car, a train car full of idiots all talking on their cell-phones loudly for their entire trip. Their should be a separate car for people who want to bring along their dogs. The passengers could all happily ride their entire trip with their beloved dogs. There should be a car just for people who want to eat offensive foods like smelly tuna fish sandwiches, or who munch loudly on potato chips or slurp loudly or talk with their mouths open.

There should be a car just for the Amish, so that they can ride in peace without people staring at them for wearing their all black outfits and not wearing deodorant because it is against their religion. Their should be a "Talkers" car, just for people who like to have real loud conversations. They could all yap away real loudly to one another for the entire trip.

There could be a Boozers car for all of the drinkers, so that they could all merrily drink all the booze and liquor they wanted to and get loud and obnoxious with one another.There could be a "Sick Car" for all of the people with hacking coughs and sniffling and snorting noses, so that they could all be sick with one another and not infect all of the other passengers. And, of course, there could be a "Smokers" car for all of the smokers to all chain smoke for their entire trip.