I have been trying to get an email to Amtrak through the website for a couple of months. All I ever get is

We've encountered an issue sending your feedback.

Check that you've entered a subject and your message/feedback.

On every occasion I have repeated to ensure I have done as requested I had.

My question is:-

In summer 2022 my wife and I want to do a trip from Seattle WA to New York NY with 2-3 day stopovers in 3 or 4 intermediate cities. Is it possible to book a single ticket allows this. We would want to use the cheapest sleeper for overnight portions. IS that possible and what would be the approximate cost?


I received a response from a Customer Relations Specialist who didn't really think about what I had written and couldn't help!

I sent a follow up and asked him to pass my query on to someone who could answer. No follow up from Amtrak yet.

User's recommendation: Keep asking till you get someone who will help.

Preferred solution: Actual useful information to allow my wife and I make arrangements for cross-America train journey in the future..

Location: Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty

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