I have heard it many times. During the announcements that are made there is mention that "Please use headphones if you are using an electronic device".

I completely agree and enjoy not listening to people yapping on their phones or playing their music.

Recently I was traveling from Washington to Philadelphia and I did not hear such an announcement. I asked the Conductor why no announcement was made to that effect. She stated that there was no policy of requesting people to use headphones or earbuds except in the quiet car.

On my return trip, I noticed the same thing. No announcement about wearing headphones.

I asked the Conductor on this trip, a nice young man, and he stated the same thing, pointing out that the old schedules and policies had it in there but sometime before 2000 it was removed. Some make the announcement since they want to promote a nice quiet atmosphere, but no policy exists anymore.

I checked the very confusing website, and sure enough there was no mention of such a policy.

I was also very disappointed with this nonsense about going "Cashless".

I use cash everywhere I go. Thankfully I can get something to eat before and after my trip because everyone else accepts CASH.

User's recommendation: Sit in the quiet car. Bring your own food, that's what the crews do!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Customer Care.

Amtrak Pros: Safe and fairly reliable, Train ride is usually good.

Amtrak Cons: Cashless, Confusing policies.

Location: 60 Massachusetts Avenue Northeast, Washington, DC 20002

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