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My father in law died without warning. I bought my husband the first available ticket as he's terrified of flying.

Due to weather passengers were told they would get off in Reno and be placed on buses to Sacramento; (that's fine...things happen). So explain to me why he's going home to cremate his dad and pack up his house for sale that two plain clothes officers (one with a large black dog) stopped him on the platform as he moved with the other passengers to the bus. Never asked him for any identification. Didn't ask him for his ticket.

Only asked to search him and his carry on bag without ever giving him a reason why. They only stopped ripping through his bag when he stated his wife a retired port authority cop was on the phone hearing the whole thing. I spent 13 years with a badge and am completely disgusted and sickened that we now allow a persons rights to be stepped on all in the name of trying to use civil asset forfeiture otherwise known as 'legal stealing' to pad the local law fiscal coffers. Neither of these officers showed him an ID (only one badged him) and neither followed the standard protocol of a threshold inquiry given any of the criteria that Amtrak has set up.

I am sickened that my poor husband already heartbroken by the sudden loss of his dad had go through one minute of this ridiculous sorry excuse for cop-public interaction. I rode the subway and Amtrak all through college. I would rather ride a camel through *** then ever get a ride on one of your trains again after hearing him on the phone upset that he might miss his connection due to these grasping uneducated *** that for some reason have a badge in Reno, NV. I am also forwarding this to the coroners office so they will know the truth of why he will be late to pick him his dads body for cremation.

Shame on you Amtrak shame shame.

I can't believe this is what it's come to in America. Amtrak Ticket Number 0050654040141

Reason of review: Other issue.

Preferred solution: written apology not some form letter explaining how you violate the constitution with glee.

Amtrak Cons: Violated by reno cops.

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When they tore through the luggage like that, they were acting no better than a common thief. They should be ashamed of themselves and you should be issued double your money back and an apology.


Why are you blaming Amtrak? Sounds like your issue is with the Reno police dept.


Amtrak has its own police department, but that may not have been them.


It's quite simple. Amtrak has in place a policy by which they split the 'proceeds/profits' of any amtrak civil forfeiture.

In other words they can in conjunction with local cops or feds (take your pick because it doesn't matter) search you without meeting the standards set forth by the Supreme Court and then they can seize cash, electronics or anything else without a warrant or probable cause.

I suggest perhaps you learn about what happens when you are ignorant of the law and trust me having been on the inside I've seen some shady stuff.

Here are some links for your reading pleasure: