Amtrak is completely worthless. I've been trying for two days to book a one-way trip from Eugene, OR, to Bellingham, WA.

On their website, I select segment 1 (Eugene to Seattle), which it accepts. But when I select segment 2 (Seattle to Bellingham), it just returns me back to the beginning and I have to start over. It just goes in circles, endlessly.

I finally broke down and called their reservations number. I was put on hold for 5 minutes, and then a recording said there was a very high call volume, and asked if I would like a callback.

I selected "yes," and verified it had the right number to call me back. Estimated callback time was 30 minutes.

About 45 minutes later I get a call back. It's an automated message that asks if I still want to talk to an agent. I select "yes" (1), and then I get a message saying I'm number 1 in the queue and I will be connected to the next available agent.

That was followed by 30 minutes of the worst musak/static combination I've ever heard, interrupted every 2 minutes with a message saying, "We apologize for the unexpected extended delay.

Please continue to hold and you will be connected to the next available agent." Glad I didn't have a gun nearby or I might have put it to my head.

Finally gave up. Guess I'll walk. That would be less frustrating than dealing with Amtrak.

Finally head.

Finally gave up. Guess I'll fly.

User's recommendation: Drink heavily before interacting with Amtrak.

Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

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