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I was traveling on train 148 on Friday March 25. There was a conductor that assisted an older woman from a wheelchair onto the train in New Carrolton. The station girl helped too, but it's what happened after that really impressed me.

This conductor made sure the woman was comfortable during her ride, and even stopped by every so often to check on her. He even offered to get something from the food car if she needed it. Later, he brought her a cup of coffee that she must have asked him for. Well, he was getting off of the train in New York and the woman was going further, so he told the woman that he would talk to the next conductor and that he(or she) would know better how to assist the woman.

With all the negative comments about Amtrak employees, this one really stands out as a shining example of what customer service is really all about. Caring about people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Amtrak Pros: Train staff, Helpfulness of some employees, Initiative of some employees.

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His name is Mike, I have had him on that train aswell.


I have ridden Train 148 as well. If you were in the front of the train, the Conductor really is exceptional.

He always seems to be helping people and I heard him say "I've never had a bad trip!"

Kudos to this man!

I didn't catch his name but I know he is always there on Thursdays. I wish more were like him!