I am still fuming even aftet 3 years. We traveled first class mon the Amtrak Zephyr.

In the dining car Ihad coffee spilled on me twice! I was told "You should have moved." My wife asked what was for desert at lunch and was told, "I don't feel like repeating it." I had steak at dinner and asked for it well done.

I was told "You'll take it the way it comes." During breakfast the next day the fruit I was served was spoiled. I was told "that is just too bad." I still ride Amtrak (I don't know why) and service in first class still is not worth what you pay for it.

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This is so bogus, if that really happened why not just fly. this is so sad, this is the typical american way, some people should really get a life.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #376459

fake/bogus rant

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