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I am sorry they are dumping the Dining Car. What a treat the Dining Car was and the food---was great not to mention the excellent staff.

The world is going to H.... in a handbasket!

Reason of review: robot is uncooperative today, what an idiotic site, definitely prepared by college grads..

Preferred solution: Keep the dining car.

Amtrak Pros: Excellent staff.

Amtrak Cons: You, Dummy, Getting rid of dining car.

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As a cost saving measure, The new CEO of Amtrak has decided that customers would be better served by giving them a cheap box lunch instead of treating them to a classic dining experience. Dining cars have been the staple of an incredible travel experience for many years. Slowly but surely, this idiot is changing Amtrak into an airline...God help us!


Tell me, WHAT'S WRONG with the younger generation these days?

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