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We took the auto train to Florida only to be delayed with engine trouble 6 1/2 plus hours. I called customer relations for compensation of the lost tickets to Kennedy Space Center.

Customer relations what a joke. All they want to do is give me a voucher for future travel which is good for only one year. It takes me several years to save for this trip. Thanks to Amtrak I am now out $172.33.

I will never use them again nor will I recommend them to anyone. Don't use Amtrak they are a rip off company.

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haha you really don’t travel much do you? Amtrak has great customer relations compared to airlines.

Its not their job to be an insurance for your vacation, you need to be more responsible and mature in the event that delays happen.

By the way even them giving you a voucher for future travel is more then they have to do, all they need to do is get you to your destination, Amtrak did a great job, you on the other hand…. lets just say im glad you don’t have the money to travel much.


Sounds like what airlines do...why would you expect Amtrak to be any different? Its the travel industry; they tend to comp rather than refund, which is smart (from a marketing position)

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