Mesick, Michigan
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After living in west Michigan for 10 years, I thought I'd finally take the train to Chicago. Little did I know that they conductor has to blast the horn constantly as we crossed the hundreds of roads that cross the tracks.

Since this doesn't happen in Europe or the East Coast, I can only assume that the state of Michigan requires it.

The other downer of the trip was the restrooms, which were in varying states of disrepair and in need of upgrades.

Thank you, Congress, for not funding Amtrak. There's no reason this country should not have excellent trains travel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"hank you, Congress, for not funding need of upgrades."

I'm at a loss to understand how you can fix your mouth to complain about "upgrades" and such while congratulating congress for not funding the thing.

Did it ever occur to you that with proper funding the things you complain about could be fixed?

Nah, I'm sure it didn't. That requires a decent thought process.