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June 8, 2023, in Phila Pa, a Amtrak work truck tried to force his way in front of me while I was getting into the left lane, damaging my front passenger side bumper on the side, my passenger side front wheel well. When I called 911, they stated that Amtrak Police has to come.

Amtrak Police shows up, say a few words to me, then go to to the Amtrak driver for a while, then comes back a talk to me. They also tell me that Pennsylvania State Police won't be coming because there weren't any fatalities. Weeks later when Amtrak Police finally released the accident report, the report stated that the Amtrak driver said that I tried to get in front of him and damaged the Amtrak truck that he was driving. There is no way that Amtrak Police were going to find the Amtrak truck driver liable.

An thorough investigation couldn't have been performed be if it were they were have seen from the video from the cameras on Interstate 676 at 30th st would have shown that my version is actually what happened.

Also a thorough investigation would have shown that the accident occurred in the far left lane and my damages to my vehicle were on the passenger and the minor scratches that were on the Amtrak truck were on the side. Amtrak is liable and needs to pay for the damage to my vehicle.

User's recommendation: If you're ever in a accident with a Amtrak vehicle , when you call 911 don't tell them that the accident was with a Amtrak vehicle,.because they will send Amtrak Police instead of State Police.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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