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They continue to change contract (verbal and written) and policies after already holding my funds. When they initially obtained my funds, the policy as Id known it up until that point was: if I didn't travel I was not charged or was automatically issued a refund.

Then when new policies were written no staff was sure when they went into effect, if they were in effect or if there was a grace period (I asked during travel when I overheard them talking about policy change on the train). Furthermore the Refund and Research department takes 15min to an hour to get through to in order to be issued a credit voucher and they are very rude (I was hung up on for asking if she had located any of the reservations and criticized for being what she called and assumed was 'white' even though I was rightfully owed a refund and I had been extremely patient with them. This woman said her name was Karen and after attempting to call back multiple times I kept reaching her and eventually needed to get help through customer relations because she would either hangup or not answer). Nobody should have to go through this to get credit or a refund for a service they did not receive.

Im a single parent and full time student with my own business, I cant put time aside to deal with these shenanigans especially when the hoops keep changing direction. They also admit to the misinformation due to constant changes in policy. I was issued a voucher not the refund I was told I would receive for only some of my funds, itinerary 15DE12 and 15DCFE, at the time I was issued these vouchers (2400302060744 and 2400304146293) I was not told that I had to use them w/i a year and also only with in the last two months did it come into effect that I had to apply at least a portion of them to travel booked w/i a year to extend the credit for another year. The other reservations could not be found apparently (15DC95 for $36) They make it very difficult to seek retribution to say the least.

Not to mention that I missed one of the trains because a concierge at the State Fair told me my train was delayed bc their was a fire on the track but he assumed I was on a different train even though I never asked for his help and told him I was on a NYC bound train after he asked multiple times. Either way, I went to use the bathroom since there was apparently a 1hr delay and walk my dad and son to his car only to find out, when I returned, that my train was not delayed, I had been misinformed and now had to figure out how to get to greyhound bc there were no more trains out that day. That Amtrak employee ended up taking me to greyhound after the train he thought I was on (heading upstate) had departed. I paid for my bus ticket out of pocket.

That reservation (161570) was "hotlisted" and another very rude employee with R and R said she did not even know why or what that meant but that that was why who ever I spoke to that did issue me the refunds last year in customer relations (she was very nice) bc R an R would not help, could not find the reservation. She did not know why I was never given credit for 15DC95 but said that there was no one else that could help me, that she was at the highest level there.

Both of them are the only people I can reach when I do get through to R and R. I am only owed a total of $131 but I would also like my Greyhound ticket refunded which was $96.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Monetary Loss: $227.

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First of all I for one was glad to see the refund policy changed. How ridiculous is it if someone just decided not to travel that they could not even bother to call in but still recieved an evoucher for travel again?

Absurd! They save a seat for you that could be sold to someone else and then you want your evoucher to travel again? This is an business and that was the old way of doing things. Amtrak is losing money year after year and this was one of their best decisions.

Take responsibility for being an active consumer. The policies are NOT constantly changing. And why should they give you a refund for you Greyhound ticket when you admitted it was the concierge at the State Fair that gave you bad info? He's not even an Amtrak employee right?


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