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Amtrak - North Bound CA #717 Hanford to Modesto Station on Sunday 2-17-13 5:01 Trip

Cafe Car - Staff - Man named Sam: Rude, Unfriendly, Never Smiled, Didn't speak unless asked a direct question and then when he does speak it's rude. Doesn't appear to like his job. I observed him for over two hours. He washed his hands one time during the time I was watching him and that was only after he had left cafe car for a short period of time. During the hours I was observing him the following was occurred; touching the food drawers with his shoes/foot, didn't wash hands after handling money, didn't wear gloves at any point of preparing food, slammed the drawers and doors of the food containers, touched a pizza and a hot dog after handling money, picked up a coin of the floor and then went back to handle food again didn't wash his hands, he doesn't use sanitizing wipes or foam for his hands, never were the counter tops of the cafe kitchen sanitized with anything, (there isn't any sanitizer accessible in the cafe car for passenger to use before eating), he touched his face with his left hand and again did not wash hands before touching the food he was preparing, the utility scissors he used to open food containers he also used to hold down food while sliding it out of it containers, the food the scissors touched were pizza and hot dogs, the tables in the cafe car were never wiped down during my two and half hour trip, a woman changed a baby boys diaper at the four top table across from my two top table, the cafe kitchen was never swept/vacuumed nor were the counters sanitized during my observation. I did conduct business with this employee(I bought a lemonade and pretzel)and he was just as rude with me as he was with everyone else. Two children stood at the counter for almost 10 minutes before he acknowledged them then to tell them he was closed because he was counted inventory. He knew they were there he just didn't want to deal with them, like they just go away. Rude! Several times a few different women walked by and they weren't the most appealing (but it doesn't matter)he made some very rude facial communications expressing his discuss with the women's appearance. Again Rude! This man needs some serious costumer service training and needs to be written up for his poor behavior.
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Amtrak award for bad attitudes and bad customer service

Having ridden Amtrak many times this year,20+, I can tell you that any ticketing that eliminates the need to speak with or even worse encounter one their many rude, dismissive agents is a good thing. Sure, there are exceptions, but in central California, I guarantee you will agree with me if you take a trip on the train. From telephone, to station, to actual train,I have never had a trip where all of the Amtrak employees were civil let alone friendly. I have spent time wondering why it is that they have so many employees who seem compelled to rude, ugly behavior. I am a 63 year old lady who walks poorly with a cane, requires no assistance and keeps a smile on her face, but I have never been offered even a cup of coffee which I would have bought and tipped for. I have more stories about rude agents at Amtrak than would be appropriate here. But I'd like you to know: I could go to the unemployment office in Modesto, close my eyes and point and the people I chose would be better suited to representing a reputable company that does care about their customers. I wish I would have thought to use my phone camcorder to record some of my experiences for you tube etc. it could definitely make good human interest stories for the evening news or dateline. Undercover customers should expose this decline in service ..they should be ashamed of themselves. My most recent complaint is this: I reserved a seat by phone and was asked by the Amtrak agent if I wanted to pay by phone or when I got to the station for my trip which was 2-3 days later. The charge was higher than usual they said due to train being nearly full. I later noticed I was the only person in my disabled car. Anyway I said I would pay when I got to the station which I have done many times. When I arrived the agent spoke to me in a dismissive rude tone immediately even though I smiled, said please and thank you and kept an upbeat lilt in my tone. I acted like I didn't notice her rudeness. He said I had no had been cancelled because I hadn't paid by the previous day. I told her that they had asked me if I wanted to pay at the time I departed at the station. She said she would get me a ticket just this one time but never again. I asked if there was a way I could prevent this problem in future travel. She said yes to pay before the deadline given to me. Once again I told how they had asked me if I preferred paying when I left and 3 more times she repeated without looking at me that I should have obeyed the rules. I thanked her anyway and asked if the regular agent was ok..he is older, also rude and mean, and she looked at me like I was insulting her firstborn and said yes in an angry loud voice. As I boarded the train, I waved at her just ouside my car and smiled. Nothing...I left and attended my mothers funeral that day . It was just another example of their terrible representation. The weeks leading up to her death are marked for me by several other Amtrak horror stories. I tried calling their customer service to complain but my calls were dropped while I was holding. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
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Arrogant! Not worth it. Forget about it!


George: When attempting a critique one should first avoid a demonstration of this own shortcomings.

Please review your own offering for (of all things) punctuation and grammatical errors!

In future it may prove beneficial,nay, prudent to confine your quips to the topic and leave superfluous blatherings to those who care for that sort of thing. We are not of that ilk.


If you chose the worst of your story to tell then it couldn't have been too bad. Please work on your punctuation - in many cases I can't tell if you are making a statement or asking a question.

i.e " I later noticed I was the only person in my disabled car?. " Sounds like a statement but has a period AND a question mark.


Dealing with Amtrak has been a nightmare.

Consistently hostile, negative and uncooperative, escalating tone, patronizing, bordering on downright rude.

They don't listen, interrupt me while I am speaking, talk over me, and screw up my reservations.

Makes me very sad. I have always loved trains.

The person who commented on June 12th has apparently missed the 7:15 to Sheboygan.

I just lost my mother. Your story touched a chord. You have my complete understanding and empathy.

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Amtrak in Modesto, California - Assigned handicap senior with reg passengers

My mother, 84 yrs old, boarded the train yesterday in Merced,Ca. at 9:00am. She entered the lower level of the train and they had to move passengers around to make room for her. I spoke to the female Amtrak attendant and asked her if she could be put into another car. Her sarcastic response was that the train was full and she cant be reassigned another seat. Prior to boarding, I asked the ticket agent if the train was full. He told me that they were not and there was a lot of room. I looked into another car and saw that they had a lot of room. My mother again asked the attendant if she could get another seat, and she responded very rudely, that she couldn't. I had no contact with my mother and only hoped that everything would be okay. When she got home, she was very distraught and said that she didn't want to ride the train again. My only complaint was about the conduct of your train attendant. I dont have her name, but she is short, little overweight, and Latino. Every effort should have been taken by her to accomodate our senior travelers. I hope she doesn't treat other travelers the same way. My mother felt that most of the travelers in the lower level, at the time, should have been moved upstairs. My mother travels on the Amtrak very frequently and now I have to figure another way to get her to visit me.
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your 84 years old mother shouldnt be traveling alone

amtrak has to put people in seat in accordance with the station they will be getting off at

why did your mother think everyone should have been moved? so she could be alone? Its a public transportation service, there are always going to be crowded trains

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