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LUGGAGE was damaged and it wasn't noticeable until I tried to open the compartment to get my medication and found it is broken and cant open it. Amtrak was rude and said I should have checked it at the station.

Had not checked because everything looked good until I tried for the compartment and it was broken . My son said he would have ot destroy luggage and itis best to call Amtrak directly.

Called them and very rude and sent an email on their website that doesn't send a confirmation receipt. I never had to ever complain in my life about a bag/travel .

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $65.

Preferred solution: fix my luggage or a new piece of luggage.

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I'm trying to understand your complaint. If you did not check this bag with Amtrak, then it must have been in your possession all the time.

So if this compartment in your luggage did not open it must have been something you did. If the luggage was out of your possession during your trip, how do you know another passenger didn't do something to it. You just can't blame Amtrak if the luggage was never handled by them.

Maybe you should keep a closer eye on it next time.

When I travel Amtrak I never check my luggage and it has never once been damaged even leaving it in the baggage areas of the sleepers or the first class lounges.

to TJ #1443941

If you do not fully understand their complaint, whyare you telling green what they should have done differently? I'm going to go ahead and assume they are only posting bevause the bag was indeed checked with Amtrak, that possibly they were sitting near the compartment and saw no one rough up the bag.

Sheesh. 'Watch it better yourself ' 'musta been some other passenger.' The author of the complaint doesn't seem to be an 'unreliable narrator' to me, and request of $65 for a bag doesn't smell of someone trying to scam Amtrak or being entitled.


Not unusual. Happens often with common carriers like airlines, etc.

Just get it open and then throw it away. It's always best to not buy expensive luggage for this reason.

to h.kitchener #1443939

$65 is hardly expensive luggage. Not everyone has enough discretionary income to toss their luggage and buy new.

Frequent air traveller and habe only had luggage damaged once, and airline ponied up.

Once they lost my bags (international) and paid for contents and the bag. Glad i don't fly the same common carrier as you.

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