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Amtrak in Phoenix, Arizona - Violation of ada title 2 and 3

boarded the train in Birmingham my service animal and i were setting in our seats my dog was sleeping the conduter told me i had to move he moved me 3 times to a empty train car would not allow me and my service animal to go to the dinning car every time the train stoped to get passangers he move us away from every one The service animal must be permitted to accompany the individual with a disability to all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. An individual with a service animal may not be segregated from other customers.he violated my rights
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Amtrak repre removed and lost items from bags and failed to provide proper service

I'm completely dissatisfied with Amtrak service along with millions of others. While unpacking, I discovered a missing electric skillet and 4QT Crock Pot. Unbelievable! Due to overweight luggages, I had to purchase 2 $3 boxes to put my things in but those two boxes were also missing and nowhere to be found. RIDICULOUS! I was told my the Amtrak agent that I would receive a complaint form to fill out but so far no form. So, I've decided to take advantage of the internet. It's sad to read about the other horrible stories out there where Amtrak dream team have victimized so many helpless consumers like myself!
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Amtrak in Phoenix, Arizona - Steel train door slamed shut on my son's chest when the train lost all power

while traveling from chicago to flagstaff az on train amtrac #3 on 10-7-08 and 10-10-08 2008,talk about the trip from ***.we where in the back car and we kept stopping and this smell that smelt like burning wires,*** and and im not sure but when the power went out again my 9 year old son was walking threw the door's when it slamed shut on him trapping him between the steel door and the steel wall we could not get the door off him,we finally did his chest is all brused.and i as his mother plan to take action aginst amtrac.there is so much i need to tell you but i have one thing to say do not take a train,id rather walk...
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Ok first off you should be a good parent and not have let your kid cross between the cars unattended. Also the doors are electrically operated so if the power is out they cant slam, your lies sound good but if you actually know how Amtrak really operates then you can see how idiotic you are.

Really, even if the door “slammed”, you couldn’t get it off him? Try hitting the black button that says “push to operate”?

Did you try opening the door like lets just say… a normal door? You’re an ***!


Lern how two spel you ignerant pogue

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