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The worst day of my life began on Sunday, July 20, 2008. The day started out beautiful.

Leaving the Affinia Hotel in New York, I felt excited and ready to continue my vacation in Atlanta, Georgia. I entered Penn Station looking forward to my first time on an Amtrak train. I waited in line at the Amtrak booth to receive my reserved ticket. The first hint that something was wrong occurred with my interaction with the Amtrak ticket agent.

This agent was very cold and abrupt to the point of disrespect. I decided that this was just an Amtrak employee having a bad day. When I got to the train, I again felt uneasy. The train attendants seemed unsure about where people were to be placed on the train.

After sometime, I was given a seat. When the train pulled out of the station, it did not take long before the train became very cold. People started complaining but were told that there was nothing they could do to change the temperature. I took clothes from my carryon bag and piled them on.

My hands were numb. It was a miracle that I found gloves in a sweater pocket. When I went to the dining car for dinner, I ordered the chicken. Over 15 minutes went by before I was told that they had sold out of chicken.

There was nothing else on the menu I could eat so I had to eat my rice cakes I had brought for a snack. Going to and from the dining car was like going through a refugee camp. Many passengers had erected tent-like coverings made of clothes and blankets to keep out the cold. I spent that night praying that there would be no deaths as a result of these inhuman conditions.

When Amtrak Train 19 finally pulled into the Atlanta station, I thanked God that I had survived. I got off this disgusting train wanting to kiss the ground.

I will never ever ride on Amtrak again.

Monetary Loss: $239.

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I think that writers, Mike, "neutral", gunga din, and Jim are idiots who must be union employees. I was a passenger on trains back in the 50's and 60's. There was rarely a bad event, let alone a complaint by a well paying passenger.This treatment is symptomatic of a country in its last days.


Learn what it means to work for a living rather than sucking up to the govt for a handout. You people are real *** bags who are the reason why the Chinese are dominating us. You don't want to work and when you do, you do it with a shittyattitude. No wonder our schools suck and are dominated by thugs.


Well, I can see why you would be upset. I personally can't stand being cold and see it wasn't fair there wasn't anything for you to eat, that you wanted.

I have never been on an Amtrak, let alone heard of one until today, but it would be disappointing to experience that. All I can say is that you are lucky, if this was the worst day of your life, I know I had worst ;)


I never cease to be amazed by the inflammatory tone of the comments on this website.


You poor thing, people on the train who prepared for thier trip, by building the little tent thingys for privacy... BUT HOW DARE they sell out of chicken and have NO acceptable substitution...

I swear You are lucky to have survived... *** people will complain about anything


You're kidding, right? No blood, no death, no true woe… this doesn't move the needle.


So let me get this right, the worst day of your life consisted of a cold train car and not being able to order chicken? It sounds like you are just a wee bit spoiled to me....