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Traveling on an Amtrak the end of July this year our train collided, killed and severed the body of a pedestrian. Myself, daughter and grandmother were a on the train, not only did we feel the impact, smell the burn of the brakes, but we also saw the severed body.

The whole incident was extremely traumatic for all of us. After I contacted amtrak to see if there was anything that they offer when something like that happens, and the passengers are now feeling anxious, depressed and suffering from PTSD. They opened a claim. My adjuster has been one of the hardest people to work with he has not been empathetic at all towArds us or the situation when I call in he acts like he has better things to do than deal with our problem.

After getting nowhere with him I asked for his manager. Another mistake on my part, not only did I have to wait almost 16 minutes, she had me on speaker phone she was extremely unprofessional, short, rude, her demeanor was unempathetic and nasty. I asked for her manager she said she would not give it to me that she was the end of the line. Still no resolution with amtrak.

I will Never travel with them again.

They only care about your money once they have it you are on your own no matter what you experience during the ride. Shame on you amtrak!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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PTSD? Really?!

You are clearly exploiting a tragedy to try to make a quick buck for yourself.

You don't need, (or deserve), money. What you really need is some morals.


Are you really serious? A CLAIM against Amtrak because a trespasser disregarded the train?

How is that Amtrak's fault?

You should receive NO compensation whatsoever, and that's whats always the case. I used to work for Amtrak and Im telling you now, they have an excellent legal department and its gonna backfire on you big time, they don't settle, they countersue


What a phony complaint! GROW UP!


You trying to get something out of somebody else being killed? Really?

You expect some service for someone's misfortune? Really?