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The customer service on the Amtrak trains is horrid. We had reserved a family sleeper car for our Christmas vacation.

The sleepers come with meals included. We were given a dinner reservation (for overpriced, microwave food) for 5:30pm. We arrived at the dining car at 5:27pm and stood at the entryway of the car. We stood at the entryway because we were scolded by the staff in front of the entire dining car during breakfast.

We were told we needed to wait to be seated. Back to dinner, a female server walked by us and asked why we were standing there. We told her we had a 5:30 reservation and apologized for being a few minutes early. We offered to go back to our room until they were ready and she said "just sit down so you're not in my way."

During the trip home we were decided not to utilize the dining car at all.

Our train was scheduled to arrive at 7:47am. An announcement was made the night before that we would be getting in about 45 minutes early and the dining car would open at 6 instead of 6:30am. After a long night I decided I would get a cup of coffee and went to the lounge car. There was a large box in the stairwell which I presumed meant they were closed.

I ventured to the dining car at 6:10am. I was greeted rudely and asked if I could just get 2 cups of coffee. I was told that they were a full service dining car and I would need to go to the lounge. I explained that I thought the lounge was closed (due to the box) and they shooed me away stating they opened the same time as the dining car.

I went back to the lounge, around the box, and found a couple staff members talking as though I was invisible. I interrupted (annoyed at this point) and asked if I could get a cup of coffee. One staff member said "we're not open. Didn't you see the box?

Can't you see him counting his till?" I headed back to my seat not wanting to give this horrible business another dime.

After being in the service industry for over 10 years I can tell you this is not the way to treat paying customers. GET STAFF WHO WANTS TO BE HERE or shut down Amtrak all together so we can all just pay a tiny bit more and fly the friendly skies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Think about the 16+ hour days the staff works for 6 days straight. Pitching and rolling with trays of hot coffee.

Years of staff cuts. And hundreds of people to feed three meals a day. The diner needs to run like clockwork. Yes the staff is often more curt than I'd like.

Go in with a flexible attitude.

This is not a private rail excursion at $2500 per person. It's an effective travel service at moderate prices.

Just be prepared for an internal chuckle at how customer service can degrade with iron clad unionization.