Dousman, Wisconsin
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Me and my 9 yr old son took a long trip from cali to chicago...some dude next to us on the train stuck a straw up his nose and began snorting some pill hed jus crushed up... My son was scared and freaked out..i was pissed..

I get up to find someone to talk to... The call for the conductor... No one comes... Finally asst.

Conductor and a lady who works for amtrak comes.. Well, was he bothering you, this woman has the audacity to ask me if the dude snorting drugs next to me and my son is bothering me... Omg! Apparently they will lose their jobs if they approach the druggie...

Apparently there is possibly a medication that ur supposed to crush and snort and they could lose their jobs if that's his medication...So hey anyone want to get high while Amtrak drives you around you should have no problems...

I'll never use Amtrak again... Thanks Amtrak!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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