Edmond, Oklahoma

I do not complain often, but I would be remiss if I didn't write this after the way I have been treated by Amtrak Two years ago my husband bought me $200 worth of gift certificates to take a trip from OKC to Ft Worth. Months after that, I discovered I could not reimburse these gift certificates because we did not have a train station located in OKC.

This is a *** policy to begin with, why sell certificates to people if you can't use them from where you live? So, we finally reasoned with the company to send us a $200 voucher.

We haven't had the money to take a trip since my husband lost his job shortly after that occurred but I have been saving the voucher. I wanted to give it as a gift for my in-laws for Christmas.

I got it out only to find out it is expired. I called the company to see if there is anything I could do, even getting only half of my money back.

After explaining the whole scenario, I was treated so rudely I broke into tears when I got off the phone. Not only, was she unsympathetic to my problem but she was curt, rude, and demeaning toward me.

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another customer who doesn't read rules, expiration dates or anything else and wants compensation for their lack of knowledge


I'm sorry for you misfortunes. Oklahoma City does have an Amtrak station, with daily service to Ft. Worth. The station is located at:

100 South E.K. Gaylord Boulevard

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

I've not heard of Amtrak gift certificates, but from looking at the Amtrak web site, it seems they have to do with travel agents. It's odd that whoever you talked to didn't know that OKC had an Amtrak station.