San Jose, California
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977.00 sleeper car to seattle 10 years ago had similar experience, but I forgive.

san jose to seattle last night. 7/19/2013.

train is 3.5 hours late. upon boarding am told to sit in another car 'sleeper' not clean - we wait an hour, and finally go searching for attendant.

train smells awful.

informed dining car is closed, guess because train is late?

frustrated, I tell attendant train smells like a turd.

also, clearly tell attendant to leave me alone.

finally get to sleep, 90 minutes pass and i'm awakened by oakland police, who inform me I made a terrorist threat. (?)

I then hear police tell train crew, we can't arrest him for telling you the train smelled like a turd.

BUT, conductor insists that I be removed from train.

1am i'm standing in jack london square figuring out how to get back to san jose?

customer service was true an insult, and I was treated as if I was imposing on the train crew.

end result, lost hotel reservation in seattle, lost flight back to san jose, 100 dollar taxi ride to san jose.

am now told that amtrak does what they want.

i'll call customer service monday, but doubt anything will happen.


jeff weaver

san jose california

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Amtrak 14 Northbound Coast Starlight was NOT 3.5 hours late on 7/19/2013.


for the actual train times. It was 1.5 hours late to depart San Jose.


good, so you admit the train was late.

now let's explore your "bully" staff and the fact you in effect threw me off your train. when in fact i was in a sleeper car bothering no one. your train smelled like a turd, and i told your attendant not to bother me. ~ nothing more.

before taking hard earned cash for your sleazy government subsidized racket, why not put a disclaimer up.

i'll save that for our continuing discourse.

it would be nice to write a review for Amtrak in a positive note vs. the negative.

ah, like they gave me my near 1000.00's back for my hour ride into oakland in the middle of the night.

i'm also waiting for a return letter to my letter to all of you in washington dc.