Truckee, California
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I called Amtrak customer service to push my return date by two days from Seattle back to Minneapolis. The lady on the phone said a seat was reserved and i have to pay remaining $63 for new date and collect the ticket at the station.

I go to the station and the horrible lady at the counter says i can get my new ticket only if i exchanged the old ticket. she was in no way helpful whatsoever. I was not told to retain the old ticket and that this was an exchange by the customer service. i did not have my old ticket.

I however had the reservation number and payment receipt which were of no use. I ended up buying a new ticket for $200.

Amtrak is just horrible, so the people who work at stations and on the train. Wonder why people choose service industry when they hate people so much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

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Nice analogy greg . You Must be proud of yourself for saying that.

I paid for the ride not for a ticket. your comment brought me back here so i can tell the rest of my story.

I thank you for that.

Amtrak actually gave me $200 reduction on my next ride. So I guess it was not so bad considering that I didnot expect anything good out of the situation.


I had the same problem when I tried to get a replacement for a bad television one time. No one told me I had to keep the old television to get a replacement