Washington, District Of Columbia
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Two incidents:

1. I was taking the NE Regional from PHL to BOS and decided to get a sandwich in the dining car. When I attempted to eat it back at my seat, I couldn't help but notice the sandwich was frozen through... dense as a brick. I take the sandwich back to the dining car where I was ignored for a couple minutes, no exaggeration (attendant was attempting to count money with his back towards me). When the attendant finally noticed me I showed him the sandwich to which he replied "and what do you want me to do, microwave it?" This is when I told him I would like something else, preferably edible. I ended up getting a hot dog (still haven't decided if that was an improvement) which was a couple dollars less than the sandwich. Trying to even the deal, I also asked if I could get a can of soda (don't worry, Amtrak still ended up ahead by a buck). The attendant looked at me with absolutely astonishment, turned around to look at the menu, took about 30 seconds to add the two numbers together in his head (and how much money was in that register he was closing out just a few moments ago??), and finally got my soda out of the fridge.

2. I was in the process of reserving a ticket from NYP to PHL when, upon hitting payment, I received an error related to navigation of the website (I did follow the process flow as intended). No biggie, I thought, until I went back to rebook the fare and saw the price had nearly doubled. I called Amtrak customer service to be told there was nothing they could do. When asked to be transferred to a supervisor, I was told they don't do that (my best guess is there actually aren't any supervisors based on the attitude of the customer service rep I spoke to, otherwise I can't help but assume she would be out of a job). Growing sick of my complaints, the customer service rep transferred me to an IT tech support rep (and she was very adamant about the fact she was not transferring me to a supervisor). He was much more helpful and actually honored my initial, lower fare.

As of writing, I've ridden Amtrak four times, two of which I experienced the issues described above. 50% satisfaction rate? No wonder Amtrak is barely turning a profit.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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