Los Angeles, California
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I have taken three expensive Amtrak cross country trips, with bedroom accomodations. The service has been very uneven.

I complained and nobody would listen, nobody cared. Amtrak is right and if you complain, you can find another way to travel.

I witnessed a dining car manager bar a man, who she thought was a ***, from the dining car. She didn't like his looks. He was articulate. I couldn't get anyone to listen to my compaint. I witnessed a civil rights violation and no one would listen.

Amtrak has become an embarassment to our country, a national disgrace.

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Yup, Yup.

This is why, even taking in consideration of usually free pass travel.......I fly or drive to any place that requires longer then a 3 hour train ride.


Because of possible pending litigation against Amtrak, please remove " Amtrak Has Become a National Disgrace" from your comments.


Amtrak does not listen and does not care about complaints. People have been told that they can be put of the train if they "cause trouble".