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While traveling from BWI to New York during the Christmas holiday a few years ago with my young daughter, I encountered an Amtrak conductor with what appeared to be arrogant, narcissistic, and low self esteem issues. My daughter politely asked Conductor Claude Robinson if she could leave our cart with our Christmas presents in an open area to which Conductor Claude Robinson rudely told her she could not. Conductor Claude Robinson told us to put the cart in the baggage nooks. Finally after a struggle, I managed to get the cart to fit horizontally in the cubby, Conductor Claude Robinson then said to me, "Oh, what a miracle".

Conducted Claude Robinson then proceeded to allow other incoming Amtrak passengers to keep their belongings in the same area that we could not. Huh?

My daughter and I then proceeded to sit at a table in the cafe car. After several minutes, Conductor Claude Robinson asked us to move to another table so that the cafe worker could sit there. We did.

Conductor Claude Robinson then proceeded to allow other incoming Amtrak passengers to sit at the same table that he had asked us to move from. Huh?

Now for the fun part. I started to use an electronic cigarette, having travelled Amtrak trains for several years using it in the presence of several Amtrak conductors, I did not know it was a problem. Conductor Claude Robinson called me over to where he was seated and asked me what I was doing. I explained to him that it was water vapor and went back to my seat. Conductor Claude Robinson then got up and walked over to me to tell me that I cold not use the electronic cigarette, which at this point was put away. I told Conductor Claude Robinson that I didn't know that and that I had put it away. He called me a liar and said that he was going to call the police to escort me and my daughter off of the train. I asked Conductor Robinson why he was harassing me. He just walked away.

Sure enough on the next stop, a New Jersey police officer entered my car; Conductor Claude Robinson had called the police. When I explained to the officer what had occurred, he refused to remove me and my daughter from the train.

Finally, arriving in New York, the train doors opened and there was AMTRAK police. One officer very tightly handcuffed me, threatened to call "social services" to come and pick up my daughter, and searched my pockets for identification.

My drivers license was given to Conductor Claude A Robinson, who was hiding behind the stairs. Conductor Robinson needed my information so that he could write his "cover my *** incident report for Amtrak. The AMTRAK police officer then removed the handcuffs.

In my opinion, Conductor Claude A Robinson should be given, at the minimum, a psychiatric evaluation and a drug test.

I knew this Amtrak Conductor to be named C. Robinson. I just recently found his photo on the internet, taken by a professional photographer citing his full name, Amtrak Conductor Claude A Robinson. My daughter and I recognized him immediately.

Not that it matters, as no one should be treated the way that I was, but I am a female doctor over the age of 50.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Reason of review: Harassment by Amtrak Employees.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Thank you for your post and I'm so sorry for how you were treated. I experienced a very similar situation with Claude A. Robinson of Amtrak recently and just wrote a post detailing my story:


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