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On March 3rd 12:56pm EST, I booked tickets online for a trip with Amtrak.

I realized I made an error in the dates and on March 3rd 2:39pm EST (1 hr and 43 minutes later), I called to have those dates changed.

New dates resulted in a new price (lower). I was told by the person on the phone that I would be charged the new amount and sent the correct tickets. I know this because I asked specifically.

On March 4, Fed Ex attempted to deliver my tickets. When I received the envelope (March 8), they were the wrong tickets and (after checking my bank account) I was charged the wrong amount.

I called Amtrak, spoke with 5 people, including Customer Relations.

They essentially said that the only way for me to get my money bank (difference between original booking and new booking) and get correct tickets is to:

1) go to the train station now or wait for my trip and hand in the old tickets and get the new and my money back

2) send the tickets I have back at my own expense

I told Amtrak this was unacceptable. I am not near the train station and would like my money back before my trip. I also felt that I should not have to send them back at a cost to me, as I was given (evidently) the wrong information by the person who changed my reservation.

I was told, in no uncertain terms, that Amtrak would not issue me a pre-paid envelope or provide me with a shipping account number. I was told I could mail them back with a stamp, but without delivery confirmation, there's no guarantee they'd receive them.

I suggested that Amtrak refund me the $15 charge for sending me the tickets. I thought this was a good compromise. I was then told they won't do that because, you know, they DID mail me the tickets (even though I did not think they would be mailing me the wrong ones).

Understanding this may have boiled down to a communication error on the part of the Amtrak employee who changed my reservation, I thought that the $15 fee refunded to me was a reasonable request and would allow me to then take that money and mail back the wrong tickets.

Alas, I have been told by everyone I've talked to that they won't do it, and that going to the train station (thereby leaving me out that extra money for a while) or mailing the tickets at my expense are my ONLY options.

I was told by Brandy in Customer Relations that I was free to call the corporate office if I so desired. Which I did. I left messages with Joseph Boardman (CEO/President) and Matthew Hardison (Chief , Sales Distribution and Customer Service). But I was also told by someone else in the corporate office (when I attempted to reach HR) that Amtrak was never going to part with their money.

Really? Such a small amount to make a customer happy?

And really now, this is sort of an issue about principle. Shame on you, Amtrak.

It's unbelievable to me. And me, a long time Amtrak customer. Maybe not for long?

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

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They never needed you to return the bad tickets, they should have canceled them over the phone and emailed you a confirmation for the new tickets, at which point you could have printed them off in your own home. As a former employee who knew her job was to the customers, not the company, I'm sorry that people have to put up with this horrid lack of customer service skills.

I know I had to find loopholes all the time to give people back money they didnt know theyd spent! for example, one poor fellow in nyc had ordered a ticket to newark deleware, the woman sold him a ticket to newark nj instead(first class alcea, for one stop!), then refused to fix it!

I happened to be there and took him directed to the service office, they refunded the ticket, and comped him an acela ticket for his troubles! thats the kind of treatment our passenger should get, not a 'whatever, not my problem'