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Los Angeles, California United States of America December 19, 2010--He was trapped on a darkened train all because the conductor was in a rush to get to a party. The lights and the engine were shut off. Amtrak's rules are straight forward-if your are disabled you are the first to de-train and Red Caps assist you with your belongings.

Instead, he was locked on the train with the lights turned off, left to fend for his disabled self unable to get his wheelchair or himself off.

He was trapped and held against his will. Period. No, not an exaggeration-how do you get off a lock train with the lights shut off?

Without a crowbar and a bat-a-rang"”forget it.

What if he had collapsed? As he has a seizure condition that leaves him highly susceptible to falling. Worse--he had just suffered a series of seizures and his eyesight had left him. He was virtually blind.

And security?

We as travelers are harassed to no end, strip searched, body scanned, x-rayed, and felt up all except when the conductor or pilot has another arbitrary concern or company party to attend.

What if this were a passenger, yeah that disabled guy with the wheelchair--what if he WANTED to be left behind and the last one off the train? What if he had used his wheelchair to smuggle naughty things onto that train? "”did you fat *** already forget the underwear guy, the other *** with the shoe?. Yeah I know clothing has been all the rage but what if someone had decided to "move up" to say an item needed by the disabled?

Seems like a wheelchair might be able to pack a greater punch than your clothing AND Amtrak laziness seems readily available to be taken advantage of.

Fortunately, he was not the "T" word and was ONLY a worthless disabled man being tortured and kidnaped by the railroad. You know treated like trash because they could. Come on is there a better reason to abuse someone other than because you can? Nah, not for some folks and certainly not for Amtrak. In all there were nearly a dozen employees who ganged up on the half blind boy in the chair from LA. This was no isolated incident.

But it gets worse or better depending on how you get your kicks the man's disabled children, a girl 6 and a boy 8, both suffering from limb girdle muscular dystrophy were waiting for him outside, alone on the platform. The father only agreeing to what was suppose to be a momentary separation as he was promised that help was "--seconds away." And someone would "--stay with them."

The ailing family was now becoming increasingly distressed over the others disappearance. What sort of thing was this to do to 3 disabled people? What would have happened if the children were abducted from the Chicago Station platform while the father was locked helpless on a darkened train? "By The Grace of God Go I" is not an appropriate standard of security for one of the world's largest traveling institutions. The father frightened to death trying to keep an eye on his children from the locked darkened train. How horrible do you think that was for him? This was Chicago one of the busiest stations in the country-ANYTHING could have happened.

I guess security standards are only needed if you've already taken your tiny blue pill and were armed and ready to cop a feel. Right TSA? Some crippled guy left locked on a train? Kids left alone on a crowed platform? DEFFENSLESS! Who gives a *** if their PRIVATE security was compromised? I guess if security included stopping a 6 yr old girl from rolling onto railroad tracks then it was high time for a coffee break. "Hey Joe, throw a shot in there for me, can you buddy?" All the while a desperate father trying to keep track of where his children were on a VERY busy Chicago Station Platform.

He was in a panic. Wouldn't you be?

And certainly Amtrak couldn't be bothered from stopping some *** from scooping up a 6 year old girl off the platform-nah this isn't the KIND of security we are talking about. Shh that's the dirty little secret here; kids and disabled people don't count. Muslim people watch out--*** step right up Amtrak will give you a free ride.

After all we gotta get those guys in a turban. Or Ben Affleck Or Dicaprio--yeah remember they were "Screened" at the airport for our safety? Yeah when I seen that it made me feel a whole lot safer. How about you? Maybe there was still too much residual anger left over from John Wilkes Booth--you know the actor that killed Lincoln?

I don't know about you but I think I am more afraid of *** swiping my children from a train station than I am from a man in a turban holding a Koran. You can get rid of every menace from abroad you still need to worry about pimps looking for prey and guys looking for some "fun" in the mens room.

Yet it should be remembered that Ms. Marty Martin 73, was one of the many witnesses to Mr. Xoss disparaging and reprehensible treatment. These were--multiple punishments"”that occurred over a several day trip. Mrs. Martin suffering from sleep apnoea herself as well as congestive heart failure found herself in a similar situation with Amtrak-as she was also left alone and forsaken on a weigh station as well. This behavior appears to be a pattern for our mighty railroad system.

Wasn't this along the line of what Hitler intended-- kill the weka-- the deformed--yeah Amtrak didn't go through with the execution but they sure as heck captured the spirit of the thing didn't they?

No, I am not kidding I did feel like my kids could be taken from me or that Amtrak could deem me a "unruly" passenger and have me banished, homeless. taking my fare money, alone in Chicago with my two disabled children--THAT is allot of power to wield and a mighty threat.

Yes I felt the weight of it bare down upon my soul.

Yeah but they did it to Mrs. Martin too, didn't they? Shunned her, locked her away, like some piece of meat hanging on a hook.

If they could do this to this kindly old great grandmother they certainly can do it to a disabled guy with 19 inch biceps.

Yet these facts that will not shine brightly upon Amtrak's organization upon real inspection. Not to anybody with any moral compass anyway. Perhaps Mrs. Martin's conductor was on his way to a party just like Sebastian's was? Party's seem to be a very important thing to Amtrak these days and might just prove to be the key to solve this riddle.

Though I doubt it can go far enough as to explain why a beautiful 8 year old can be discarded at a train station to be picked up by a sex offender.

Yeah I know because you've never heard of that happening at a bus stations or train stations right?


Then maybe you need to speak to the people at the Covenant House-I have. Kids are kidnaped from better places all the time--It happens and it SACRED the heck out of me. Not the word I wish to use--heck-- but Amtrak might say they did it all because the disabled guy was a surly cursing guy.

The disabled man did state to an Amtrak employee as to what a serious problem it was to leave little kids alone in such a crowded place. The blinkers flashed but nobody was there to man the turn signal. It all appeared simply for effect.

Blink blink. Flash Flash. Yet no explanation as to why he pulled over and halted traffic.

He went on to his (my? I think his first was that he found me annoying) secondary concern and stated that "--well I gotta get the bags don't I?" As if somehow inanimate object were now more important than human beings--those tiny pretty little things that were pretend to care about all the time.

Still i went on--

"-- it is difficult to imagine that The DOJ would look at such instances as anything other than a serious breach in the chain of proper security protocols and the rampant and institutionalized abuse of disabled people." He seem to close and open his eyes more quickly now and lick his lips and frown. There was nothing to see here I told myself and move along now.

I felt like I was rubber necking at an accident.

After the disabled man complained about another inordinate wait, the red caps finally showed up. They RECKESSLY dragged his luggage on the ground and acted incredibly irritated at the disabled family's existence.

He continued to denounced Amtrak's behavior; that he was locked in the train, being the last off, separated from his children, watching little kids discarded on the dirty. crowded platform and having his bags scrapped along the ground like last nights trash"”it was only then that the uniformed personnel demanded the disabled mans ID, a Disability Badge which was hanging conspicuously around his neck.

Of course they seen it--why the harassment?

When he inquired as to why they would '–be asking for (his) ID when he got OFF the train as opposed to getting ON the train-' he was simply referred to 6 other employee's who also repeatedly demanded he identify himself and was unable to answer any of his questions.

It was very much like talking to drones.

It was then he went to file a discrimination complaint, with the Chicago Station Supervisor Kathy Baker, (who wreaked of alcohol-perhaps she had gone to the same party as the conductor had expressed so much excitement over"”the disabled man could not be sure) he was told he "--had enough time to file a complaint or board the train"”but not both--".

Yet the train to Los Angles was over 3 hours away-he was then forced to move his own luggage-she again sighting his own early arrival, like he had done something especially wrong "--you have to go get your own cart, pay $3.75, and move your own luggage because you are so early--" Mrs. Baker proudly proclaimed.

She seemed upset and disappointed that her allegation that the luggage weighed over the limit of 50lbs failed to materialize-*** not one bag was over 41lbs. All of Mrs. Baker's allegations failed to be proven. The disabled man had already informed her that they also had problems on the way to Philadelphia and was told by their personnel that he could only file a complaint when he had finished "--his round trip voyage." Interestingly enough it was exactly the same thing Amtrak told Mrs. Martin--that she could only file a complaint once her "round trip voyage was completed."

He warned Kathy Baker that she was abusing every single Amtrak rule simply as a mechanism of harassment. Additionally "--what did weighing the bags have to do with being locked on the train? Is Amtrak really allowed to lock you on the train if your bags weigh too much"”and weren't you suppose to weigh the bags when you were getting ON the train and not OFF the train?" Ms. Baker was offended.

She sighted the fact that :--unruly passengers can be thrown off the train and forfeit the cost of their fare." She went on to state that she "--didn't believe I was being unruly---at the moment, BUT IF-I HAPPEN TO BECOME-unruly there would consequences".

Loss of ticket, loss of train"”loss of money--trapped at Chicago and homeless--I certainly had no more money to buy another ticket. What would happen to my children if Ms. Baker were to banish me from the train"? Yeah that was a big stick"”hard to deny.


The disabled father responded that he now "--understood the rules and that if (he) filed a complaint about discrimination--his family would be stuck in Chicago with no way of getting home."

That would be the second time that Amtrak would have, DEFACTO kidnaped and held the family hostage. As one might suspect the Dad (I) decided to get his disabled children home and not end up homeless on the streets of Chicago.

Remember he had not yet completed his "round trip voyage." He still had time to complain when he got to Los Angeles.

AH he had no idea what was in store for him"”he foolishly believed the worst had passed.

I'll spare you every single detail but-after being habitually harassed by Amtrak on their journey back to Los Angles the family discovered that both of their 6 month old wheel chairs that had been shipped by Amtrak appeared as if they were thrown off of the train.

Not an exaggeration, perhaps not a moving train (he can't be certain) but definitely off of a train.

Both were smashed and unusable. To a level that does NOT only demonstrate negligence but maliciousness. The damage to this two disability vehicles can NOT otherwise be explained

The father's wheelchair was worth over $27,000 and was-generously donated, brand new, by a San Diego business man-and now was nothing more than an expensive paperweight. The other chair now only operated in reverse.

Edwin and Kirby Cox, 2 Amtrak employees, repeated what the other employees in Philadelphia has said " For insurance reason you can not drive either the disability scooter nor the wheelchair." Meaning the disabled guy had to wait UNTIL he left the premises to COMPLETELY test both chairs. I believe this was also done as a form of self Inoculation.

There would be no security videos nor Amtrak employees as witnesses to show the true damage to the disabled man's property. Or another way to put it; a dirt bag move. If you were shipping things with Amtrak you had to push or pull it there, you could NOT ride it"”even if it was a wheelchair.

That's what I was told.

Amtrak was now using the story that the wheelchair was delivered broken to Amtrak as the disabled father "--had admitted to them--" is wholly out of context. They failed to mention that the father was referring to a previous and different pediatric wheelchair that was delivered to him, at HIS home and NOT to Amtrak.

And as being the WRONG wheelchair he was forced to return it. That as a pediatric wheelchair--mistakenly delivered"”it was useless to a grown man of nearly 6 ft and over 200 lbs. All of which is clearly documented in the family's medical records and by their Atena insurance policy and The prescribing physician's's's records and is irrefutable. Additionally, as Mrs Martin, a passenger on the disabled man's return voyage, will attest and testify that it was indeed Amtrak's policy to file such complaints/claims "--after the --round trip voyage was completed."

So when damaged that occurred to the wheelchair it was in fact reported in Philadelphia and again, as Amtrak directed, upon our return trip and/or the completion of "--the round trip." Meaning that even if the damage occurred in Philly you had to wait till you got BACK to Los Angeles to report it.

Is this true? Or is it simply another strategy to damage people's insurance claims remains, at this time, unclear.

Further that the disabled man's extended family hoped that he would relocate to New jersey is immaterial. (one way trip vs round trip) HE never planned, nor wanted to remain in New Jersey. He simply extended to his family, out of love, the courtesy to try. Besides it was Amtraks personnel in Philadelphia that declined taking an insurance claim at the time it was evidenced. And it was Amtrak who deemed the man's trip as 'incomplete."

Apparently the railroad has to find some way to explain how 2 inch round (and other) metal parts were TWISTED off the wheelchair.

Yes twisted off"”HOW can that happen from a fall? A Dent perhaps"”twisting off from a fall?"”Sounds impossible.

IF Amtrak has proof of how and when the chairs were damaged that demonstrates where AND when this alleged damaged occurred it would be irresponsible and reprehensible not to provide it now.

To withhold such proof would ONLY serve to waste everyone's time, foster misunderstand and encourage a federal filing.

Amtrak would have you believe that every event that took placed against the disabled man and his family were separate and individual events rather than a pattern of force, discrimination, intimidation and abuse. An escalation can be clearly traced and assigned to every step with the disabled man and his family's journey.

It is clear that the disabled man was wrongfully taken last off the train, locked aboard the train, improperly separated from his children,that Amtrak fostered an environment of danger when the children were not properly and completely supervised on the trains platform, had their bags dragged across the ground, were threatened that they couldn't get on the train if they filed a discrimination complaint, that Mrs. Bakers cohort (s) intimidated and harassed the family all the way back to Los Angeles, treated them differently then abled body passengers, denied them rights and courtesies and finally in the utter act of malicious conduct had both of their wheel chairs destroyed appearing as if not ONE but BOTH were smashed by having them thrown off the train.


I lost 2 jobs because of you as I have no way of getting to work or doing a job as I can not stand for long periods of time. You have helped to make me and my 2 disabled children homeless"”We are living off of vouchers in *** hotels. I am housebound the vast majority of days as I incapable of getting around without my chairs, It is a sad and depressing existence one I did NOT have PRIOR to my journey with AMTRAK.

Amtrak your are just bad people~! Leaving two sad disabled children abandoned and alone in a busy Chicago station ripe for the picking by any ***.

Mark AndersMark@amtrak.com as the administrator of this case you have become the evil enforcer of power gone wrong! Do the right thing and refund my round trip fare and fix my wheel chairs!

Your Malicious defamatory and slanderous position will not be tolerated and wont hold up-there are plenty of witnesses, including both the people who gave me the brand new chairs.

You have SERIOUSLY under estimated the fact that I CAN not document where and RACIST COMMENTS MADE TO MY KIDS! ugly!

It was hatred; me and my family felt, you have taken away our freedom, our income and our home--this is retaliatory to the nth degree.

Your anger and retribution have been destructive and beyond hurtful.

Above that our his witnesses extend, but are not limited to, transit police officers

(Philly & Chicago) to Ms. Martin, Paul Martin, Beth, Shanana, Mrs. Lopez, Mr. Brown, et Al-someone )Mr. Brown-we all witnesses you wrongful throw off the train, lose his luggage and tell him he had to get off without his medication--there is a pattern of Amtrak abusing and then trying to throw disabled people who try to file complaint off the train, all in an attempt to silence them--you rule by fear--shoo them off like annoying flies.

Alone, in the desert far from home.

Shame Amtrak--no matter what I will not "Sieg heil! Sieg heil!" you!!!

I just want to go to WORK and have a HOME for my little babies--not feed off the state! Fixing my chairs is the only RIGHT thing to do here.

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